An Analysis of Event Management Tenders in India

An Analysis of Event Management Tenders in India

From David Smith

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Event management and fundraising are interconnected components often undertaken by organizations, particularly non-profits, to achieve various objectives. Event management involves the planning, coordination, and execution of events, while fundraising encompasses activities at securing financial contributions or support for a cause. When combined, these elements can create impactful initiatives that not only raise funds but also engage stakeholders and communities. In event management, the focus is on creating memorable and successful events, such as galas, charity auctions, awareness campaigns, or community gatherings. This includes logistical planning, venue selection, marketing, and ensuring a positive participant experience. The goal is to bring people together, generate interest, and create a platform for fundraising efforts. Fundraising, on the other hand, involves soliciting financial support from individuals, corporations, or foundations. The funds raised may be used for specific projects, programs, or the overall mission of an organization. Common fundraising activities include direct appeals, grant writing, crowdfunding, and organizing fundraising events.

Just like events organized by private sectors,  government agencies at various levels, whether local, regional, or national, often conduct events for different purposes. These events can include conferences, seminars, workshops, festivals, and public gatherings. The objectives behind government-organized events can range from promoting cultural activities and tourism to public engagement, disseminating information, and addressing specific issues or initiatives. Government events serve as a platform to interact with the public, stakeholders, and other entities, fostering community involvement and communication. Additionally, governments may organize events to showcase achievements, launch initiatives, or celebrate significant milestones.

To organize these events government agencies are mandated to advertise their needs through a tendering process, ensuring fair competition and transparency in awarding of contracts. Event management companies can participate in these tenders, providing services to government and PSU entities. The released tenders specify requirements for planning, logistics, venue management, videography, and other elements, reflecting the government's need for specialized expertise in coordinating the events.

An analysis of event tenders published by the Indian government agencies is provided here. Government agencies and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India express significant interest in coordinating event management activities. According to the data compiled by Tendersniper from various public sources, Indian government agencies collectively issued 10,499 tenders for event management during the last 12 months (i.e., from October 2022 - October 2023). Among these, West Bengal contributed 1,309 tenders, accounting for approximately 12% of the total, while Maharashtra published 1,080 tenders covering various sectors including rural development, infrastructure development, arts and culture, education and sports, hotel and tourism, police and defense, power, and industry. Below is a sector-wise analysis of event management.

Government agencies in rural development sectors, such as the Panchayati Raj Department, issued tenders for the management of events, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, or expos at the national level. Within the state of Maharashtra, which comprises 35 District Collectors Offices, tenders have been released by offices in Parbhani, Beed, Jalgaon, Latur, Nagpur, and Raigad. These event management tenders cover services like video photography, provision of photography, mandap, furniture, and other materials available for hire, particularly in connection with upcoming elections. Multiple district collector offices in Maharashtra have initiated tenders in anticipation of parliamentary elections to organize various functions. Furthermore, the Saran District in Bihar published tenders for accommodation to facilitate a state-level youth festival. The Directorate of Municipal Administration has released tenders for sound systems and lighting for the Bidar Utsav, while Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh has published tenders for vendors to conduct a Job Mela-DEE.

As per Tendersniper's analysis, more than 8,000 government agencies in India are actively engaged in the procurement of goods, services, and works, with 738 government agencies are specifically releasing tenders to appoint event managers for organizing arrangements. The majority of these tenders originate from the rural development sector, followed by the infrastructure and planning sector.

Infra and Planning stands out as the next prominent sector among government entities seeking event management services, with a focus on organizing exhibitions, science fairs, and festivals. Noteworthy entities, such as the Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Department Odisha, have issued tenders for the selection of an event management agency for Sisir Saras, an annual fair held at Baramunda ground in Bhubaneswar. Additionally, the U P Irrigation Department (Civil) has issued tenders for drone videography and photography of canals before and after silt clearance works, and the National Council of Science Museums called for tenders to organize science fairs and the Science and Engineering Fair. Furthermore, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has issued tenders for arrangements related to Vaikunta Ekadasi.

Government entities like the Information And Cultural Affairs Department for the art and culture sector. Published tenders for the engagement of an event management agency for the 28th Jatra Utsab to be held at Kachhari Maidan and an event management agency for government buses (a.c.) branding for the 29th KIFF. Additionally, the Tourism and Cultural Affairs Maharashtra Dept. released tenders for organizing the Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Janmotsav Festival. The Department of Kannada And Culture also published tenders for photo-video management for all events.

Furthermore, various agencies within the education and sports departments, such as the Odisha Sports and Youth Services Department, released tenders for the procurement of event management services for the Yonex Sunrise Odisha Masters BWF Tour Super 100 tournament. The Sports Authority of India in Delhi issued tenders to empanel event management agencies for the coordination of sporting events. The Urdu Academy in Delhi also published tenders seeking the empanelment of event management agencies. Moreover, the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu released tenders for the hiring of an event management agency to oversee the ceremonies of KIYG TN.

A few other sectors, agencies such as the Directorate Of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh, published tenders for event production and management for Banda Mahotsav. In the state of Gujarat Agriculture And Co issued tenders for LED and videography on the convocation event. The National Institute of Research in Tribal Health in West Bengal released tenders for National events or seminars or workshops or exhibitions or expo management services.

Leveraging the latest web portal solutions, the government can streamline the dissemination of tender information, enhancing accessibility and efficiency for all stakeholders involved. As of December 20th, 2023, the Tendersniper portal indicates 224 live event management tenders. The distribution of these tenders across states is as follows: In Maharashtra, there are 59 tenders, constituting 24% of the total. West Bengal has 58 tenders, also making up 24%. Uttar Pradesh has 39 tenders, accounting for 16%; Delhi has 31 tenders, representing 13%; Jammu and Kashmir has 20 tenders, comprising 8%. Madhya Pradesh has 19 tenders, also at 8% and Odisha has 18 tenders, making up 7%.

This analysis highlights a significant need for event management services, with a most of tenders are advertised by rural development, infrastructure and planning departments. Those involved in event organization can get a large volume of business opportunities to plan, coordinate, and execute events by participating in the tenders specifically advertised for event management services.

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