An abandoned kitten & injured leg need surgery.

An abandoned kitten & injured leg need surgery.

From Anthony Reynolds David

Kitten was found behind the roadside next to my house with a severe wound on his hind legs, we thought he had been abandoned. It is pitiful and needs treatment.

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Please consider making a small donation to help this kitten.  He was found behind my fence off a busy street in Gladstone during the storm on Monday morning.  We think he may have been dumped since there was another kitten flattened on the road not far from where this little one was found.  I took this kitten to the vet Tuesday morning to get him checked over; spent $150 for an exam and x-rays, which indicated that he has a bad break of his right hind leg that will require an amputation to fix.After leaving the Northland vet, I contacted Gladstone Animal Shelter to see if they had any available resources.  Unfortunately, funding for animal shelters is down due to the pandemic cancelling a lot of their fundraising events.  They did, however, give me the names of a couple rescue groups in the area to reach out to.  Friends of KC Animals responded to my online inquiry very quickly and I can’t say enough nice things about their volunteer that I've been working with.  She referred me to a vet in Raytown that could provide more cost effective treatment than a Northland vet, then paid for the consult to get the kitten some immediate care.  Kitty has been at the vet in Raytown on fluids and pain meds since Tuesday afternoon, scheduled for leg amputation on Friday.I hate asking for money, but I’m not in a position financially to be spending hundreds of dollars on a stray kitten that just showed up on my proverbial doorstep (although we would like to give him a loving home after everything we've been through with him in such a short period of time).  So here I am asking for help.  If I can reach a couple hundred people willing to donate in small amounts, I’m hoping that we can give this kitten the chance he deserves.Any money raised that doesn’t go towards paying this kitten's vet bills will be donated to Friends of KC Animals and The Rescue Project to help save other pets in need.If you’re not able to donate, please at least consider sharing this campaign.  I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, so if anyone is able to spread the word there, I’d be most grateful.  Thank you in advance for your support.-Jackie

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