Help Keep Chacala Strong

Help Keep Chacala Strong

From Amigos de Chacaleños

The closure of businesses and services due to the COVID-19 pandemic has created an enormous economic loss for Chacala. Help Chacala stay strong through these tough times by supporting local families.

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Amigos de Chacaleños posted a new update:
10 months ago

Update #3

Hello, friends.

We’re writing today with another update on our project, which has been highly successful in fulfilling its mission thus far.

At present, businesses in Chacala have begun to reopen. Restaurants and hotels are operating (at reduced capacity), construction work has resumed, and fisherman have returned to the water. The beach remains closed, which significantly limits the number of tourists Chacala is receiving, but in general there is more employment opportunity now than there was when we began this program.

Unfortunately, COVID case numbers and hospitalizations are on the rise throughout Nayarit and all of Mexico. Some states are considering reinstating lockdowns, which could presumably happen here in Nayarit as well.

We have just distributed the final round of food and supplies to families. A portion of funds are being retained in an emergency account to address any pressing needs that materialize such as medical expenses, families struggling to pay utility bills, etc.

To date, your donations have gone a long way toward providing much-needed assistance to Chacala residents during these challenging times. We served approximately 100 families on a bi-weekly basis. In total, 775 food and supply boxes were distributed throughout the months of April, May, June, and July.

To break the numbers down even further, this equates to 800 kg (1,764 pounds) each of beans, tomatoes, onions, sugar, and rice; 2,325 cans of tuna, 3100 rolls of toilet paper; and 23,250 eggs! Some of the other items included in the distributions were detergent, toothpaste, cooking oil, salt, and pasta.

We have extended the Fundly deadline to July 31st. This gives you a bit more time to make another donation if you would like to do so. We will continue to analyze the situation and may need to ask for more support in the near future.

We have received many messages of gratitude from those who are receiving food and supplies from the program. It is our hope that Chacala soon begins to return to some semblance of normal. In the meantime, we will keep everyone updated. Thanks so much for your generosity and good thoughts during this time. Be well and stay healthy!

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Amigos de Chacaleños posted a new update:
12 months ago

Update #2

Hello friends,

We just wanted to reach out and say how grateful and inspired we are by all of your generosity, and give you an update on the project.

So far, thanks to your support, we’ve been able to distribute boxes loaded with food and other essential items to nearly 100 local families in need every two weeks since this project began in mid-March.

With our current rate of food and supplies distribution, and with the amount of funding raised so far, we are in a good position to continue providing direct support to families through the end of July. In addition, your generosity has allowed us to set aside some of the funds for unforeseen needs such as medical costs, cooking fuel, water, electricity, and other expenses for families without work as we continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic.

The state of Nayarit has issued a plan for a gradual reopening, but as of right now, Chacala is still locked down, businesses are still largely closed, and children have not yet returned to school. Through all this, Chacaleños have continued to put the health and wellbeing of their community above their own economic gain and are voluntarily limiting non-resident access to the town, working to beautify common spaces, and managing all aspects of this food drive. Chacala will hopefully continue to persevere through this crisis and be ready to welcome you back with open arms when the pandemic has eased.

Please know that the families of Chacala receiving assistance have expressed deep gratitude to their friends from around the US, Canada, and Mexico that have supported this project. We hope that you and your family are experiencing the same level of care you are helping to provide.

Be safe and take care!

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