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This is by far the hardest thing I had to do, post this asking for help, something I never do. But I’m doing it for my daughter who would benefit the most.  So Hi I’m Brittany, I’m a 34 yr old single mother  with the burden of Student Loan Debt. I’m currently in graduate school getting my Masters in Social Work and will be done summer 2021. I want to expand my employability to more opportunities in my field of study, to be able to increase my income to better support myself and my 8 year old daughter and to be able to pay down my loans even more. My student loans are a GIFT and a CURSE, it afforded me the opportunity to go to school to better myself and enter the professional world with the skills needed in my field of study. The curse is that as an African American we are hit more than other ethnicities with walking into the world with debt that we may never be able to pay off. I’m currently $218,000 in student loan debt. I didn’t know nor was I taught about financial literacy until my 30's which I taught myself, so all this time being uneducated in this area has afforded me to be knee deep in debt. This debt not only affects me probably never being able to pay off my loans but the dream of homeownership I may never see, my daughter may not be able to have her forever home because of this barrier, I may not be able to open a business of my own with this much debt which would create another stream of income for my family. I feel at times going to college wasn’t a good thing due to not being afforded the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of it fully, but I know it was the right thing to do, due to the many opportunities it has to offer and something I had to achieve for my family. I am a first generation college graduate and I’m so proud of that. I just want these loans to be paid down so I can finally start my life and enjoy it without this cloud of debt hindering my dreams. 

I’m not looking for this large amount to magically disappear but to at least try and get them lowered would be nice. If you find it in your heart and have the ability financially, please consider donating and know any amount you feel you can provide is incredibly appreciated, your contribution will not go unnoticed. With love, 


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