Ambulances for Ukraine 3.0

Ambulances for Ukraine 3.0

From Jordan Searle

Winter is already taking its toll on the Ukrainian people. Major are cities without power and heat. Donate today to give people a fighting chance at survival this winter.

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Disaster In A Box will deploy to Ukraine under Ambulances for Ukraine 3.0 in January 2023 to provide direct medical support to injured or at-risk civilians in the forward areas of the war. We provide medical training to EMS staff and bring food and cold weather clothing and supplies to newly liberated areas in Ukraine.  

There is a desperate and significant need for winter clothing and survival gear, medical support, ambulances, medical supplies, medication, and food this winter. With the situation quickly evolving in Ukraine and with the significant destruction to infrastructure, homes, and power supply facilities it is recognized that an extremely dangerous and deadly winter will be faced by the Ukrainian people. It is estimated that almost 1-quarter of Ukraine’s 43 million people are homeless or living in dangerously substandard locations. (Falk, 2022). Given the destruction in high rise apartments, poor construction practices, and winter freezing water effects on damaged structures. Winter will be very dangerous, particularly in areas where damage has been widespread, and accommodations, heat, water, and food are scarce.

Our team of retired Canadian, British, and US soldiers with experience teaching TCCC, winter survival, and current medics and/or paramedics. We operate on donations and are unpaid for the time in Ukraine. 

We have established ourselves in Ukraine as a medical team that delivers on its promises to train EMS staff, deliver supplies, and provide treatment to injured civilians and military personnel when under fire.

On 24 February 2022, Russian forces unjustly invaded Ukraine and began a campaign of murder and terror that targeted civilians, their homes, and medical facilities. A dedicated team of Canadian, British, and American military veterans got together, and Ambulances for Ukraine was created.  

Ambulances for Ukraine 1.0 deployed in February & March of 2022, providing four ambulances, training to medical staff, setting up a Roll One Field Hospital, providing medical supplies, and direct support in Kyiv during the siege on that city.  

Between April to June of 2022, three of the ambulances brought by our teams were destroyed, killing Ukrainian medical staff and patients. The first ambulance was struck by a rocket, the second was destroyed by vehicle-mounted small-arms fire, and the third struck a land mine. One ambulance remained in service and continues to support the Ukrainian people.

 Ambulances for Ukraine 2.0 deployed for all of July 2022 and provided three 4x4 ambulances, medical support in Bucha and training support in Kyiv and Chernihiv. We trained 386 people in TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), assisted with medical evacuations, and delivered several tons of medical equipment, supplies, and food supplies. 

We will require $55 CND to deploy a 6-person team to Ukraine. With that, we can deliver ambulances, medical supplies & Equipment, food & water stores for humanitarian relief, and cold weather supplies for civilians.

We have some donated ambulances, several tons of medical supplies, and winter survival equipment such as (parkas, boots, gloves, tents, cold weather sleeping bags, generators, space heaters and non-perishable foods) we must ship from Canada to Ukraine. This represents the bulk of the funds we require.

We have noticed that many people believe the war is almost over in Ukraine. It is difficult to express the full gravity of the devastation in Ukraine. The fighting is far from over, and if anything, fighting has been intensifying in built-up areas with higher civilian casualties.

Even if the fighting were to stop today, medical services would be needed desperately. Millions of people are without homes, agriculture in most of Ukraine has come to a complete halt, and winter conditions will be devastating. These three elements will result in a catastrophic medical situation in Ukraine over the winter's harshest months of January and early February.

Donate today, and together, we will save lives.

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