Amazing Survival

Amazing Survival

From Jessica Heimbach

I recently survived what should have been a fatal car accident cause by another driver who fled without stopping. Everyone including Dr's are amazed I am alive. I believe there is a reason my life was spared.

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On 9/27/20 while driving home on the interstate an erratic driver approached our vehicle and refused to leave much distance regardless of how I drove. At one point the driver made an unexpected maneuver which led me to believe that our vehicles might collide. In my attempt to avoid an accident with that driver I lost control of my vehicle. My car did 3 complete spins at 70 mph. Each spin resulted in the car hitting the wall and guardrail. Despite wearing my seatbelt,  I was ejected.

When the car came to a stop my husband realized i was no longer in my seat. He began frantically searching with the help of a kind passersby who stopped to help. After several minutes my husband found me crumpled beneath the guardrail. They presumed I was dead until my husband cradled my head in his arms and i attempted to move and speak. EMS and police arrived and immediately determined I  wouldnt survive the ride to the hospital. A helicopter landed on the interstate and flew me to the best hospital in the area.

I spent 3 days in a medically induced coma. My skull was crushed, my left ear almost ripped off, my spine had a fractured disc, my right collar bone was broken and 3 of my ribs were also broken. When i woke up i thrashed in panic. My hands were tied down. I was unable to speak because of a breathing tube. A nurse appeardd and asked a series of yes or no questions. I couldnt answer any of them except that I knew my name. I went back to sleep right after that. Two days later the breathing tube was removed and i could speak, although i didnt know what month it was, what hospital I was at, or why I was there. I had no memory of the crash or anything that happened for about 3 days prior to it.

My husband came into the room and helped explain everything and as i got my bearings I realized the gravity of my situation. The night of the accident all of my children and loved ones came to the hospital because I  was very near to death.

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