Global Healing Arts: Help Amani O+ Spread The Light

Global Healing Arts: Help Amani O+ Spread The Light

From Amani Olugbala

My purpose on our Earth is to help shift our music & arts culture to one that revels in & celebrates diversity, moving in the spirit of activism & unity. Your donation will help acquire tech & training to take it global!

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Peace yall. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I LOVE YOU.  


Heeeey Fam! 

Since this fundraiser launched 10 months ago i have done waaaay more things than i could ever list here

But here are a couple thangs that came to mind to celebrate: 

  • Built an at home music studio and recorded over 10 solo and collaboration songs about social justice & resilience intended to fortify uplift and inspire our people!
  • Solidified the B.L.A.C.K. label's vision & direction - a collective of Black creators committed to building the world we wish to inhabit and pass on - feat. some of your faves including: KATANI, Mada Alpha & dofons 
  • Held a weekly virtual mindfulness and space for our brilliant QTBIPOC community (coming up on a year this month!)
  • Supported several restorative justice & community healing spaces
  • Collaborated on a few massively magical projects like -  Healing Time 
  • Started a vlog series 
  • Made this fire IGTV video for entitled (i been “working on” one for egoic pineapples video for over a year now) so it was a huge deal to just do something "simple" accessible and encouraging as we rooted into quarantine 
  • Helped organize the largest rally my city has ever seen and one of the biggest across the nation regarding Black Lives & Power and have continued to demand transparency, justice and safety for all people here and beyond.  
  • Aaaaand dedicated myself to creating and community building/healing/organizing full time yall!

some of the things i'm hyper focused on right now: 

  • recording, creating and releasing videos for as many songs as i can between now and july 31st 
  • making the B.L.A.C.K. label "official" n whadnot so this message of people power, truth-telling and uplift can touch the world! 

it's happening faaam! 

So with my bday coming up i wanted to reinvite you to support me on this healing journey yall!!!

To everyone who has already ... THANK YOU 

to everyone who will again ... THANK YOU 

to anyone who is about to  ... THANK YOU 

to anyone who just did  ... THANK YOU!

Thank you family for your love, encouragement and belief in the vision ... it is LIFE BLOOD. 

I appreciate you BEYOND words!



original fundraiser text

I am determined to use this life to support as many beings possible in seeing their light and spreading it. I make music and poetry intended to uplift those of us who have been pushed aside, put down and used for generations. Those of us who have been denied our beauty and power that magic that is our birthright. Art intended to confront, heal and motivate. To encourage dreams, spark conversations and foster solutions to global injustices. 

Despite having amassed countless accolades and awards/recognition at such a young age, I carry many deeply embedded stories that tell me I'm not good enough or that I don't have the right to spread this message. That I don't deserve the attention. That I'm waisting peoples time. But I know, now more than ever, if I don't put myself out there with the same audacity of a Drake or a Meg, I am playing it small, knowing I have the drive and vision to do what it takes to shake this whole thing up! Right Now!

I have a mission I MUST carry out, a beautiful vision of a new era and as I am beginning to heal the shadow parts of me that believe I am not worthy, I am building up my team, facilities and skills. I know I need support in actualizing this vision and taking it worldwide. 

My main vehicles for this work are: my solo art project "Amani O+" dedicated to meditative lyricism and rebel music for the heart & soul. Rap duo (w/ my bestie Kat SoPoetic) "KATANI" a misogyNAH (anti racism and misogyny) music project, committed to shifting the mainstream culture to one that protects and values all women, all femmes and queer folks cuz the alternative has been going on for too long and is ready to be interrupted."Stardust Edutainment LLC" home to all my community arts & education initiatives and "Get Free" a meditation community committed to spiritual healing for QTBIPOC.

I have gotten endless nudges that the right time is now to leap all the way into this path. Give it all that I've got. My favorite rapper Mumu Fresh sings "Your miracle is waiting on you. It won't come until you're ready...what you gonna do?" 

For me getting ready means:

  • Groceries & Rent
  • Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Counseling
  • At Home Recording Tools
  • Business Coaching 
  • Promotion Marketing Support 
  • Web Presence Merchandise
  • Sound Engineering 

COVID-19 completely interrupted my typical source of income (anti-oppression and food justice education) and has motivated me to jump all the way into all of my gifts the fullness of my purpose. I am a raptivist and radical community educator. I believe in the power of this work to change the globe. This is me putting the things in place to build sustainable community healing projects of my heart and intuition. Villages rooted in unity, the courage to dream and an active radical love.

“Justice is what love looks like in public.” Cornel West 

I see the vision. Feel its' weight, am captivated by and indebted by its' potential. Thank you for helping me build the bridge Family. Thankful to be on this path with you. 


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