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This fundraiser is to raise capital to start my impact project which is alternative housing for middle and lower income families

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The first thing life tells us is, Live! Discovering that has been the most liberating thing in my life. It is amazing how our lives are ordered. It might not be how we want or planned, but along the way as we go through time, every phase, every person we meet and the lessons we learn are all geared to lead us to an expected end if we hold on long enough to see it through. I have a life philosophy that I try to live by which is gotten from LIFE itself; Live, Inspire, Feel, Express. My life journey has lead me to places, and left me in situations and taught me a lot of things, some I didn’t want but definitely needed and looking back from where I came from, where I am at the moment and where I am going. I am highly inspired for a cause; I have tied a knot at the end of my rope and still hanging on to that cause….

I moved to the United Arab Emirates and I currently live in Dubai, I moved here on 10th September 2019 with one primary goal in mind, which is to raise capital. My plan was to find a job, save money and then move back to Nigeria when I achieve my aim; My goal was to raise capital, $13500 to be exact for my impact project which is alternative housing for middle and lower income families, I had just graduated. I have developed a building technique that is green, sustainable and highly cost effective; this building technique reduces building cost by at least 35%, and building time by at least 80%, this presents a business and impact opportunity in the lives of lower and middle income families by helping them own their own homes. Shelter (housing) is one of the basic human need and with the increase in traditional building cost, this impact project aims to help the many millions on the lower social and economic level of the society to own their homes. This impact housing project was my project at Ubiquity University.

Before coming to the UAE, I had started a fund raiser https://ubiverse.org/posts/dashiki-donation-project to help me raise the capital, I offered a pair Dashiki for donation for every donation to raise funds and I got a few hundred dollars by the time I moved to Dubai with the hope of working and saving to raise the remaining amount I need for the project.

I did get a job at a sports store and my hope was up, i was making progress but all that came crashing down when I was laid off just a couple months in as a result of the corona virus pandemic. The eventual lockdown reversed every little progress and set me back right to scratch and ever since, it’s been a long, hard and difficult year.

I got help to return back home but there weren’t any flights going in or out of the country at that time due to the lockdown and I had to stay back in Dubai with all the expenses involved, and that set me back yet again; I am miles from home, with nothing left, with no work in sight despite searching and overstay fines pilling up by the day…

I am doing this fund raiser to help me clear my fines with Dubai immigration, buy a flight ticket and then return home, but most importantly, I will like to raise capital for the alternative housing impact project for middle and lower income families which is a dream of mine. I believe this is my life’s work (You can find out more about it here http://blog.ubiquityuniversity.org/blog/making-an -...

I am appealing for charitable donations from generous heart willing to lend a hand. I am deeply grateful for your bighearted kindness and love for donating and sharing this fundraiser. Your donations will help me return home, and it will help me with the ‘E’ part of my life, which is to Express my new alternative housing impact project and improve significantly the lives of many across Nigeria, Africa and hopefully someday to other parts of the world. Any amount helps, whatever you can donate will go a long way. All your donations are seeds you are planting; may all that you’ve sown come back to you in many folds, and may God come through for you in ways only He can.

Thank you.

funds breakdown

$13500 - capital to start the impact project

$3000 - clear up fines with Dubai immigration plus flight ticket

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