All You Want To Know About Paint By Numbers

All You Want To Know About Paint By Numbers

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Painting is cherished by many. People love to draw a picture of their pets like pet portrait artists. If you are also one of them, then this article is for you. While painting, people face the significant challenge of deciding colors. Paint by numbers is an easy solution to tackle this. You will learn more about it through this article. 


What is paint by numbers?

There are over a million colors in the world. There are only three primary colors, and the rest is formed by mixing them in a particular amount. For a person without knowledge of colors, it is really hard to paint a picture. An innovative idea, paint by numbers, helps to paint a beautiful picture by yourself. You just need to understand the basic matching and coloring steps. A step-by-step guide for working like pet portrait artists with paint by numbers is discussed in the next section.


Work with paint by number

You can follow these simple steps to paint a portrait-like pet portrait artists on canvas using paint by numbers.

  • Take all the materials such as paint by numbers kit, a small pot of water, a cloth, among others, with you. Find a clean and clear place. A clean place increases productivity. Besides, make sure the area has enough light so that you can see your canvas.
  • Cover your surface with a cloth. It will ensure that paint does not spill on your surface.
  • If your canvas has wrinkles, straighten it by stretching it and further rolling it. 
  • Match each number carefully. Make sure you paint the exact area of a particular number. The perfection of your painting depends on your accuracy of coloring.
  • Add a layer of color at required places. It will give your painting a final look.

These are simple steps you have to follow to make a perfect portrait. Other than these, there are some tips for you. They are discussed in the next section.


Tips for paint by numbers

  • Start with a larger area and further shift towards smaller ones. It will avoid the risk of smudging.
  • Also, try to begin with dark colors and then swiftly move towards the light ones.
  • Cover the numbers by giving an additional layer.
  • Don't keep the paint caps open. It increases the chances of a spill.
  • Wash the brushes before using them with another color. It is important to take care of your brush.
  • Give time to your painting. Do not panic or try to complete it fast. Work with accuracy.
  • Decide your workplace wisely. The perfection of your work also depends on your workplace.
  • Maintain a balance of paint. The paint should be enough to cover the entire area but should not merge with the parallel area.

These are some tips you should remember while using paint by numbers. While following these tips, don't forget that it is a fun activity. Don't get mesmerized by the rules so much that you miss the fun element of the activity. It is an enchanting journey you have to enjoy with perfection.

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