All Lives Matter; Even Those You Disagree With

All Lives Matter; Even Those You Disagree With

From Tabitha Morris

I am raising money in order to temporarily support my family, after being terminated from my job, for publicly stating that I did not support the Black Lives Matter Organization/Movement.

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Today It Is Me, But Tomorrow It May Be You

 Our country has dramatically changed in the last three plus years. We have seen a rise in far left, socialist ideology, indoctrination of our youth, a loss of morals and values, and the erosion of our overall society. I do not believe in the suppression of any race or group of people. I believe we should all be equal and treated equally. There is individual racist, but I do not believe that America is systemically racist. There are police officers that should not be wearing a badge. But most of our police officers are genuinely good people, who just want to serve their communities. The very definition of discrimination is “treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.” By this definition, it is clear, that conservatives and police officers, are being discriminated against, by the Left, by the BLM Organization, and by our employers.

 We have all been taught that the only people that can be discriminated against, are those of the minority class. Even though we know differently, this mindset is difficult to overcome. Because of our countries history of slavery and lack of rights for women, we have bought into this idea that oppression and discrimination of these particular classes of people, as well as the lesbian and gay community, are the only ones allowed to claim oppression and discrimination. While we have supported and fought for these groups of people to obtain their equality, we have exposed ourselves as the new targets of oppression and discrimination. This country has changed by leaps and bounds, to right the wrongs of our past. But what we have created, is a society of entitlement. These once oppressed classes of people no longer want equality. They want complete domination and control. Despite all the positive changes we have made to uplift them, change our laws to include and protect them, it is not enough. They hold us to the past. They hold us accountable for our ancestor’s behavior. They demand that we now suffer for what we never had control over or participated in. They claim that by being born with white skin, we are therefore privileged. We must now vocally admit and apologize for that privilege.  Not only that, but we are commanded to actively support them. We are to commit ourselves to outwardly show and denounce, what THEY perceive as racism. We are to march and protest, but not as loud as the minority group. We are not to take any attention away from them, for that is racist. We are to apologize, but not apologize, because that is racist. We are to support their efforts to defund and dismantle our police officers. We are to financially support their movement, by donations. We are to call out other perceived racist. We are to turn in the names of our coworkers, bosses, family, and friends, that have an opposing opinion or dare to not support or who criticize the movement. We are to support the tearing down of historical monuments, the burning of businesses, looting, physical attacks on innocent people, and murdering of innocent people. We are to display our support on social media, with blacked out profile pics or “Black Lives Matter” stickers.  If you do not, then your life WILL be destroyed.

The definition of domestic terrorism is “violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.” Does this sound familiar to you? It is called the Black Lives Matter Organization. Now what makes them even more dangerous, is that our own elected officials and employers have fallen to the demands of this organization. You are no longer allowed to have a different opinion, much less publicly state it. If you do, there are very well-organized BLM supporters that will target you. They have Facebook groups and websites, with thousands of members, that spend all day and night to post those individuals perceived racist remarks, or lack of support of the movement, all over social media. They will find out your place of employment and collectively call and email your employer, demanding that you be fired for racist remarks. If your employer does not terminate you immediately, they will threaten to protest and possibly riot the business. Whether these companies and businesses agree with this or not, is not the determining factor. The main concern of a business is money and customers. The worst thing they can face is bad publicity, or a negative image. So, they cave to the pressure and blackmail, and terminate you from your job. But that is not where it ends. They will also demand that your employer make a public statement that you are no longer employed by them.  The business cannot specifically name you in that public statement, but everyone will know who you are. Most companies/businesses have Facebook and Twitter Accounts. Under their post, this organization WILL name you and slander you. So, by the time the public statement of your termination is made, everyone in your community, and across the US, will know who you are. This is to ensure that you are blacklisted from further employment and are labeled a racist. They will then threaten anyone who attempts to defend you, by telling them that “they are next.” You will then be sent death threats, hate speech, threats of violence, and a warning that any way you attempt to financially support your family, they will stop it. They will dox you, posting your address and phone number if they can find it, expose your children and family, and will slander your name.

If you are a business owner, that cannot be fired, they have plans for you as well. They will post your perceived racism all over the internet and leave horrible reviews of your business by the hundreds or thousands, on Yelp and Google Reviews. They will do anything they can to cost you money and customers. You too shall be known as a racist.

Which brings me to a misconception of our rights and laws. Most states are considered “at will” employment states. This means that you can be fired for any reason or no reason at all, and at any time. This excludes being fired for things covered in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a landmark civil rights and labor law in the United States that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It prohibits unequal application of voter registration requirements, and racial segregation in schools, employment, and public accommodations”

This act does not protect your freedom of speech or from political discrimination if you work for a private business. If you work for the government, you do have more protection in these areas. So, if you work for a private business, you have freedom of speech in that the government cannot arrest you, but not in the sense that your employer cannot fire you for it. You are not protected, and this organization uses this loophole to target you.

So, when this happens to you, what do you do? Try to find an attorney? Sure, but none will help you. Do you email and call your elected officials in government for help? Sure, but they do not care. As a matter of fact, their office staff will tell you to call elsewhere, like the police department. They will not allow you to even get as much as a phone conversation with your state representative, Congressman, or Senator. And then they will tell you that no one can help you and it is best to just “start over or move on with your life.” 

I apologize for my bitter attitude. But I am angry, disgusted, disappointed, and frustrated with our justice system at this point. So, what is my advice for you? Well, it is not to sit there quietly and be grateful it is not you. I am going to suggest that you do exactly what I did. But why would you? Because our country is riding a very thin line, that once we cross over it, there is no hope left. You, as a conservative, Republican, patriot, or whatever you call yourself, is doing yourself no favors. As you sit by, biting your tongue, they are not. As you sit by and grasp onto whatever rights you have left, they are taking them one by one. It is me today, but it will eventually be YOU! We are losing this battle because you remain afraid to speak. We are losing this battle because they are blackmailing businesses, corporations, sports, and everything they can get their hands on. Their organizational skills are superior. Their determination is stronger. Their voices are louder. They take physical action, by protesting, organizing, raising money, and making noise. What do we do? We cower, make excuses, and wait for our elected Republican officials to save us. News flash! They are not going to save us!

Tabitha Morris

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