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About walk2nicaragua

On March 2, 2012, in an effort to symbolically connect Miami with the rural community of Chacraseca, Nicaragua, Imagination Federation Inc. will hold walk2nicaragua. We’re inviting the community to walk a combined 1080 miles, the distance between the two communities, at the Miami Dade College Kendall Campus track. The IF Club, a student organization at Miami Dade College, is co-sponsoring the event.


Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in our hemisphere. It has experienced earthquakes, revolutions, hurricanes, and corrupt governments of all stripes. Chacraseca is a community of about 10,000 people; it is located near the city of Leon. Chacraseca is an overlooked community with most of the educational infrastructure created by the effort of local people partnering with national and international non-profit organizations.  


Our organization is based in South Florida but has ties all over the United States. Members include mostly students and educators from high schools and colleges. We have been working with our community in Nicaragua for three years in a variety of ways:  fundraisers, 10 service trips, the construction of at least four modest homes, the repair of a primary school, a formal service partnership with a Nicaraguan university, and the creation of two educational programs.


Imagination Federation Inc. began three years ago as a collaboration with Friends of Students for 60,000, a non-profit organization formed to assist the needy locally, nationally, and internationally with roots in a New York State high school. Since then, IF has gained its own non-profit status to more efficiently collaborate with local groups and develop a philosophy that best represents its members. IF has been granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS, making all donations tax deductible.


We reach out with the sincere hope that we can count on you to help us raise awareness to the great need of rural communities in Nicaragua.  For many in the United States, Nicaragua is an invisible country, forgotten in the frenzy of modern news cycles. We invite you to participate in changing this through walk2nicaragua.



walk2nicaragua Team

Imagination Federation Inc.

Tengo un Sueño

Tengo Un Sueño supports 33 kinder and first grade students by providing two extra teachers, two part-time community organizers, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, along with twice a week tutoring, other enrichment activities, and warm lunch. The project is unique in scope.  It is a 17-year agreement among parents, teachers, and organizers to do everything possible to provide these children with the tools necessary to succeed academically. However,  academic success is a challenge in Charaseca, where 70% of the children never make it past 5th grade.  The reasons for this dismal number are many: some students have to walk up to two to three hours alone to get to school, and during rainy season roads are often dangerous as flash floods are common. Besides dangerous conditions, families also face economic difficulties and students are forced to drop out of school to work or help out with household chores.


For $10,000 per year, the goal of the project is to support each child and ensure that they get to secondary school and then college. This project is taking place at the Hermandad MaryKnoll Elementary School in the Raul Cabezas sector. The cost per child is currently $25 per month or $303 per year.

H. M. Escuela Secundaria

Our other effort in the struggle for quality education is H. M. Escuela Secundaria. In 2010, there was just one secondary school for a population of about 1000 students. Area families suggested that the facilities in the existing Maryknoll primary school could be used as a secondary school in the afternoon. With Imagination Federation’s collaboration, the community secured permission from the Ministry of Education to open the school, but government officials said they could not fund the teachers. Last year, Imagination Federation committed to pay for six teachers at a cost $11,000 per year. In it's first year, the school served 48 students.  In 2012, that number is now up to 80.

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