Aleph-Tav Project: How God Created our Universe

Aleph-Tav Project: How God Created our Universe

From Luis Aimola

Aleph-Tav Project is a research activity developing an ample and deep integration of physics and metaphysics. Based on metaphysics of the Bible and modern physics we are showing how God created and sustains our Universe.

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I'm a physicist which absolutely believes in a Creator and Sustainer of our Universe. During many years I look for a harmony between the Bible's theological principles and the modern science. However I don't use, as many people does, science to reach God. Instead through new mathematical interpretations of theological principles I derive the laws of the nature from the attributes of God. 

Our work is showing how is a science developed completely on the notion of a Creator of the Universe and how powerful is this concept to  give us a deep understanding why the Universe is as it is.

Currently we are deriving the modern Inflationary Cosmology from some abstract and deep concepts of the God's mind structure. 

I need financial support to dedicate myself to work in this creative project which require a strong involvement. 

I need money to cover my work time, to buy books and pay for cloud computer processing time to simulate the networks which generate the emergence of the space-time from the God's attributes.

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