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As you may know, last week was pretty traumatic for the Albee family.  Lane became very sick with Ecoli, and was taken to Children's in Duluth, MN. He was suppose to be coming home this week, but he took a turn for the worse and developed a syndrome known as HUS. He is being closely monitored and will not be discharging from the hospital for at least 2 more weeks. We are all very scared, to say the least.  Amber and Cory are able to stay at the hospital with Lane, but due to Covid restrictions, no other visitors are allowed to enter the hospital. This includes Lane's younger brother, Levi.  It has been extremely difficult for all of them to be separated from Levi for this amount of time, and difficult for Levi to be separated from his parents, and brother as well. The Ronald McDonald House is not an option as Levi would not be able to stay there due to Covid restrictions. Because of this, our family is planning on taking shifts and staying at a hotel close to the hospital so Levi can be close to his family during this time. As you can imagine, all of this has caused a financial strain on their family as they are needing to miss work for 3+ weeks.  They are also needing to fund meals, and lodging at some point. As of now, we have no idea what medical bills will look like. Although Amber was reluctant to let me create this page, she finally agreed after convincing her that now is a time when accepting help is okay and needed. Please do not feel obligated to donate anything! But if you are able, I know the Albee family would be so extremely grateful. The best thing that everyone can do right now is pray for Lane. Please pray that Lane will make a full recovery, and please pray for strength and peace for their entire family as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for supporting the Albee family during this extremely challenging time- whether it be through prayer, financial contribution, or both ❤

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