Airtrack funding for kids

Airtrack funding for kids

From Peter Springer

Want to host more local sport events for the kids in this area. Mainly with focus on gymnastics and Airtrack training. We have some good trainings that would love to help out with training the kids, but no equipment.

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Why Gymnastics and Airtrack training are so much fun for the kid

We are trying to design the best possible Airtrack for home use. An Airtrack similar to the one found at GymPlay or Airtrack Factory.If you haven’t already tried one of these fancy new Airtracks, let me tell you a little bit about them.Imagine a standard 5 meter gymnastic mat. Now take that matt and fill it with 10-20 cm of Air. This is basically what an Airtrack is. The benefit of using Airtracks over a traditional gymnastic mat, is that you get more bounce on your jumps and flips. Not as much as on a trampoline of course, but still 10-20% more effect on your jumps which actually mean quite a lot in gymnastics and other types of sports that involves jumps. For instance, imagine you can almost do a backflip, but fall a bit short every time you try. Now try it on an Air track and chances are pretty high that you will succeed. Then you can start to practice it properly until you a also able to do it without an Airtrack. This means that you will learn the different jumps and flips much faster on the Airtracks, not to mention they are much more fun to do on the Airtrack.You don’t even have to be a gymnastic or very skilled to enjoy one. A lot of boys and girls aged 8-15 have one in their backyard and use it for training or just for fun. It’s perfect for those who wish to build their very own tumble track out in their backgarden.

In addition to the popular Airtrack mats, I am also considering designing some new trampolines in the same quality a the really popular berg trampolin. And later on maybe some standup paddleboards, something that everything seems to be wanting to buy these days. But the question is, are they also still popular next summer or are they mainly a thing of 2020? That will be a pretty hard question to answer. My guess is that stand up paddleboards will continue to dominate and be something we see even more of in 2022. But people will also continue to use Airtracks and other types of gymnastics equipment big time. For more information on what to consider when buying a new Airtrack please read this article here call - Selecting the best Airtrack for your needs

Airtracks are here to stay

Even though hundreds of people are getting an Airtrack every year people will still be buying them for years to come. Because if you are into gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, or tumbling there are no better piece of training equipment on the marked and without some big advances in technology - we won't see anything better for several years. The difference between training on an Air-track and training on a regular gym mat is just huge. A traditional gym mat offers no bounce help, which makes it much harder to do new jumps. So the only alternative to an Airtrack is a trampoline, which can also be a good training tool for some jumps.  You can buy Airtracks at many online sporting webshops.

So for now Airtracks are here to stay and something people will continue to use for many more years. So you might as well get one now if you are considering buying one for your children.

About me

For the last 5 years I have been training gymnastics and fitness, but I do enjoy a lot of other types of sport. Such as Tennis, Badminton, Football and many other sports. I just don’t have the time for all, so at the moment my focus are on Air tracks, Standup paddleboards and trampolines. When not working and training, I enjoy reading. I read more or less any types of book such as drama, scifi, horror and much more. Normally I read about 40-80 minutes a day.I drive a red Mazda 2, which I am actually quite happy with. It’s not the fastest car or the pretties, but it’s a great all around model which fits my needs perfectly. For the shorter trips I normally use my bike, which is getting a bit old now, and I am considering buying a new one, just not quite sure which one to get.Hopefully I will manage to get my Airtrack business up and running within the next 6 months, and if i I, you can read more about it here on my page here. Airtracks are great fun for both younger and older children, and something I can really recommend, which is also why we have started this fundly project.

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