Agricultural Outreach in Nigeria

Agricultural Outreach in Nigeria

From Stephen Rimmer

Money raised will help a developing farm in Nigeria to become sustainable. From help with water for people, plants, and animals to overall growth such as a building for the workers to be able to stay on location.

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To date we have raised $7020 for this agricultural outreach in Nigeria. 

This Fundly page is designed with the expressed initiative to help men and women of God use their gifts to help serve one another in Christ. In doing this everyone benefits greatly.The ones who are in need of support are able to gratefully receive it, for the poor are exalted in their high position. For those who have the means to help they can experience great joy as they partner with our heavenly Father in reaching out to those in need. We are not just asking for money alone, we are asking if you would like to partner with God's ministry with what He is already doing in this small corner of Nigeria. 

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done. (Proverbs 19:17)

  …and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons (and daughters) of the Most High… (Luke 6:35)

  …sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything. (2 Corinthians 6:10)

100 Percent of the donations here will go toward this agricultural outreach in Nigeria. I am not a 501c3 so no donations will be tax deductible. All donations will be sent via Western Union. Western Union charges about 9 percent and Fundly charges 5 percent. If you wish to give directly to me directly that would also work and we can save 5 percent which can go to the farm. Donations from this page or any donations in general will be given to me and then I will send 100 percent of the money via Western Union to the ministry. 

 There are currently 15 people working on the farm right now Including Gideon Jerusalem. Gideon is friends with the local pastor Christopher Gregory (seen together). There they both serve their local community with providing sermons and worship leadership.

 The bricks you see are for the foundation for the house that will allow the workers to live on site. In the photos they are raising up the black water tanks on a foundation to provide water pressure. In the updated photos you can see this work is complete. They are constantly working on the orange trees. They have about 200 orange trees and are starting to plant corn cucumbers and pineapples. They are also desiring to raise more sheep which they are hoping to increase in number to help the land become sustainable. In the meantime they could use our help.  In the newer photos you can see that money sent helped finish the water stricture, supported the workers, purchased pineapple stock for planting, and also helped some of the local widows and families. I would like to remind our readers that a little money can be used in a powerful way. 

Below are 2 letters from Gideon that help show his heart and calling for ministry.

4/26/2017.   Steven. I understand why he made it possible  for me to meet and fellowship with Christopher Patrick Gregory. Through that contact, God had opened a door for me to share the word of God within the Congregation. The word of God has been received with joy. Also, God has also used that link to use  us to be of a blessing to three widows and their fatherless children. I will send pictures next week. The money has made it possible to fix the water tanks on the stand, to purchase piinapple  sockers for planting, to pay those helping with work, and to bless widows and their children. God is very good. Hey. Thank you for the fund raising. You can run that part to support Pastor Christopher Gregory. Gideon's name does not need to be in lights, but the name of Jesus is supreme. Christopher Patrick Gregory is at Assemblies of God at Primary School,  Utu/ AbiAkpo New Stadium Road, Akwa  Ibom State, Nigeria. May God continue to bless your work. Amen. 

    A Prisoner of Jesus Christ: 

    Gideon Jerusalem.

Sat, Apr 29 Steve. May all glory and honor and majesty be to our Almighty God for ever and ever. Amen. The word of God is well received when God gives us the grace to live it out through our infirmities.  I never really understood the meaning of that portion in the Scripture: "... my grace is sufficient for thee" until I ended up sleeping in my car in the heart of winter with snow falling while I was attempting to recline the seat for a comfortable slumber. I never really see God in that picture. I was busy wondering why God could not get me out of my uncomfortable car into a warm house. The question that I directed towards God was: why must I be living in a car? Unfortunately, I never considered that there were other people who were homeless. They never had a car where they could run the engine on to get heat.. I had a car. I never knew that God was preparing me for Mission work.   Steve. To be brief, God allows us to pass through afflictions so that He can use us to strengthen others.  I have seen that. during the few days that I have been here on Missions, God has used Pastor Christopher Patrick Gregory at Assemblies Of God to strengthen widows and the fatherless. Through our fellowship, God put me in touch with a widow by name Mercy Akpan Udoh. The lady had fallen and had broken her hand. She is the lady that is in the picture with Christopher Patrick Gregory and I. God has made it possible for us to bless her with the few silver pieces that God has blessed us with. Another widow that God has put us in touch with is Nyneneime Ofonime Essen with her two children: Victor Ofonime Essen and his brother: Emmanuel Ofonime Essien. Obviously. There are fatherless. God has made it possible for us to feed these two widows and the two young fatherless children with the silver pieces that we are blessed with. I am so proud that God is using us to feed the widows and the fatherless in a time of famine. God is wonderful. There are other things that God has used us to do including the following: fixing the tanks on the tank stand, purchasing over five hundred pineapple sockets for planting, purchasing and planting corn, paying those that are planting the corn and the pineapples. It is amazing that God would choose to use us to bring glory to God with no pieces of silver. God is wonderful. May God bless those that He is using to bring glory to His name. Amen and Amen. Here are a few pictures.

   A Prisoner of Jesus Christ:  Gideon Jerusalem.

September October November December-----$ 800

August ----- $200 July-200 June------ $200  "May April March"--------$600  February --------$200   January 2019 ---------$200   

December ------- $200  November------ $200   October --- $200       September ---------$200   August -----------$200      July------------$200    June ----------$200     May---------- $200    April ---------$200  March -----$200 February -----$200   January 2018------ $200 

2017- (2220)  December ---  200  November ---- $200    October --- $200   September --- $400   August ----$150   July----$270    June----$200     May--$400   April---- $200

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