Agnor-Hurt Elementary School DI Team - The No Names

Agnor-Hurt Elementary School DI Team - The No Names

From Brooke Nell-Gildner

7 first time Destination Imagination participants have a chance of going to DI Globals in May. These Agnor-Hurt students have worked hard for 6 months to great a machine that picks up trash.

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Destination Imagination is a problem solving group competition.  They have a problem that they work on for months to invent, create, and present a solution to an audience and a group of judges.  This is where they tell a story present what they learned and show the solution that they came up with.  Sometimes there is success and other times not so much but you get more points based off of your teamwork.  

This time the kids chose "The Big Fix" as their problem.  They had to identify a problem in the world and decided on an invention of how to fix it.  They had to show mechanical and chemical elements to their scenery and special interest that they share.  

Their choice was to create a street sweeper machine that would help an older gentleman clean up the streets of trash.  He use to just sweep up the trash with a broom.  While the older gentleman is making the machine a younger man is littering and making a mess of the streets.  He stops at the bakery to enjoy a raspberry cupcake with frosting while and awful smell start to radiate from the streets (liquid stink from a tube that is being blown out by a fan that the kiddos have made).  The older man finally makes a machine and comes to pick up the trash and all of the smell is gone.  It was a success!

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