Affects of COVID-19 on Information Technology (IT) industry

Affects of COVID-19 on Information Technology (IT) industry

From Elham Alex

Affects of COVID-19 on Information Technology (IT) industry

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IT industry includes the collection, processing, and distribution of information for performing day-to-day tasks and any complex activities of our jobs. It includes different kinds of development of hardware, software, IT services, consultation many more. It is a fast-growing industry all over the world and has a vast future ahead. But that is adversely affected by the rising condition of Covid-19. Due to the uncertain conditions of lockdown and severe need for hygiene is the main cause of it.

The pandemic has both some positive and negative impacts on this industry and we will discuss these both to understand it well. By this, we will be well aware to know that whether it has impacted more positively or negatively.

How Covid-19 has impacted positively?

1.      Development of New Software:

The Uncertain lockdown and increased awareness of hygiene made people stay at home. It increased the demand for much video conferencing software which can help them to remove the gaps between the public whether for family, business, or education purposes. The software includes Whatsapp video conferencing, Zoom app, Hangouts or Google Meets, etc that helps the public a lot in this regard.


2.      Tele-Health:

The increasing demand for newer software paved the way for a fast-growing network of telehealth. That is a whole network of different eras of health that help its user to got advantage from this app while staying at home. It provides the services of consultation facilities regarding health, and medicines facilities, etc. Some apps even provide the services of home delivery of medicines. It also contributes a lot to economy of the IT industry.


3.      Need for next generations of computers:

The prevailing conditions of Covid-19, were to rise the need for newer software it has also enlightened a way for the next-generation computers that can help to be more digitized and work-oriented through technology. The 5 generations of computers can help the public in this regard by keeping the primary objective of remote working as its first priority. Many companies have already started working on it to be one step ahead of the others.


How Covid-19 has impacted negatively?

1.      Conference cancellation:

Just like that of all the other sectors, the IT sector got affected by the uncertain lockdowns a lot where we have to face the economic breakdown and business shutdown. At the same time, many of the most important IT conferences of different Multinational organizations have to be canceled as the flight operations have been seized out. These cancellations have caused the loss of billion of dollars to these multinational organizations and have negative impacts on the national incomes as well.


2.      Uncertain lockdown:

Uncertain prevailing conditions of lockdown and Covid-19 have mostly affected different sector negatively as it tends to make the organization realize that there is a need of more IT specialists that can work from home much better. All the workers who have lesser knowhow of these technologies have to be fired from the organization as companies do not have sufficient funds for distributions of salaries among all the staff members. It has also led to the phenomenon of fewer customers and fewer staff to be more productive and financially bit more stable.


3.      Low Economy:

No doubt that Covid-19 has increased the demand for newer software and technologies but it has seized the manufacturing of the products as well. Some of the companies are facing the issue of low input/ raw material supply. This issue arises because many of the raw material especially when we talk about Apple products is imported from China and all the trade whether imports or exports have been seized due to lockdowns and bad hygienic conditions in the country.

Hence at the time where Covid-19 has adversely affected all the eras of life and made life more digitized and remote for the humans, but it also has affected some industries positively as we have discussed above about it. We are living in an era of science and technology and we all are quite used to these kinds of situations but still whenever you may face any kind of issue related to your online business you can visit the fast-growing website named as HighFive List that has answers to all of your possible questions.   

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