Operation Aegis Shield

Operation Aegis Shield

From Steven Andrews

We are raising the capital to incorporate Baird-Columbus Corp and begin the construction of infrastructure which will curb the cataclysm that is coming due to climate change.

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The most imminent threats to the planet and to humanity itself are coming quickly over the horizon. My name is S.J Andrews, and I have devised a schematic which describes the means by which to end those dangers permanently.

Each day there are over 14,000 metric tons of ice melted off of our polar regions and the glacial structures of Greenland. The rate of which this shedding of weight occurs is accelerating rapidly.

This melt water is threatening the world in multiple ways:

1. Sea level rise is threatening to destroy many of the coastal regions on earth, that just happen to be the most heavily populated on our planet.

2. The salt water marine life, coral reefs and the currents that drive the shipping lanes and also distribute the most vital fundamental link in the ocean food chain - plankton are in danger of extinction and a total failure due to the slowing of these currents. Once the foundation of the food chain disappears everything that is above that foundation will perish as well.

3. Our fresh water aquifers are running dry world wide, the water is continually polluted and contaminated by human activities such as mining, farming and other agriculture, irresponsible disposal of hazardous materials by those who do not care what happens to our planet. Cancer rates are much more prevalent than they should be and this is likely due to the pollution in our water alongside other factors.

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