Adventures of the Elements books for schools

Adventures of the Elements books for schools

From Richard James

Our nonprofit has a mission to improve education and health for increased quality of life and functionality. One of our programs is to donate Adventures of the Elements books to schools for science education/ reading.

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"Adventures of the Elements is a great book written with middle schoolers in mind. Science writing is difficult enough, but to write it with young minds is wonderful. The book does not include a lot of technical jargon, but imparts science knowledge within the context of the story. The characters are truly vivid and sometimes frighteningly real. The book is fun, filled with the reality that science is fun and exciting. There needs to be more science books for middle schoolers like this one." -Pete Jaeger

"I remember my 5th grade science teacher reading this book and The City of Ember to my class. We all loved both of these books so much, and a few of my friends who were in this class with me still talk about these books almost a decade later. This is such a good book, and I highly recommend it to any elementary science teacher or any parent with younger children." -Demi Featherston

“Our students at Beaumont ISD are completely engrossed in playing and competing against one another with the Adventures of the Elements cards.  It is so exciting to hear students discussing, using, and truly understanding those chemistry concepts.”

-Patsy Magee, Beaumont School District Project Director

“Students are learning while having fun.  This is exactly what learning is all about”

-Jo Beth Burnett, 5 grade Science teacher, Groves Elementary

“AoE is great.  In the Educational/Entertainment arena.  In an arena where most offerings are neither educational nor entertainment.  AoE stands apart.” 

-Jim Miller, Former President Warner Bros. Entertainment

“I appreciate (Richard James) efforts to develop material to interest students in science and math.”

-Laura Bush, First Lady of the United states

Adventures of the Elements encourages students to use their imagination as they learn important fundamentals in math and science.  ExxonMobil has been an important sponsor of this program by making an extremely generous donation and committing staff to the project.  It is vital that corporations reinvest into the community, and ExxonMobil has set a fine example in Southeast Texas while proving that private corporations can successfully supplement local, state, and federal efforts to provide a great education to America’s greatest resource, our youth.”

-Ted Poe, U.S. Congressman from Texas

"The passion you exude for improving education - coupled with the uniqueness and effectiveness of the Adventures of the Elements in strengthening students' math, science, and technology skills... is truly on the cutting edge of contemporary education. When Bill and Melinda Gates were first exposed to the Adventures of the Elements, they saw the potential and wanted to be involved. The benefits to children in learning science and math while having a great time is truly unique and is very compatible with their personal interests and goals."

-Bill & Melinda Gates Managing Director

 “I was introduced to AoE last year and I loved the concept of the books and the card game. At CAST in Houston, I purchased all 3 books and 2 sets of the cards. Last year, my principal ordered a book for every 7th grader and some extras so I could have a class set. I was given a copy of the curriculum on CD and used it in my classroom. We read the book, did some fun activities and had an enjoyable time supplementing our chemistry unit with the books.” -James Scott, 7th grade Science teacher, Martin Middle School 

“The Adventures of the Elements is a book series and card game that reaches into the heart of how children learn science. That is one reason why we purchased the first two books for every sixth grader in Calcasieu Parish.” -Brian Fontenot, Board Science Supervisor and Physical Education Supervisor Calcasieu Parish School


Our students are falling farther behind in science! Creative approaches to enhancing STEM education are needed more than ever. Adventures of the Elements is making strides to alleviate this malady!With most students having missed a year of school due to COVID, the majority can benefit from reading the book series now in advance of the release of the animated series. We are seeking donations to our 501(c)3 nonprofit, Fit Lab Foundation, which will then purchase the books for whichever schools the donor designates. The books would be a gift from a corporation or individual and could serve as a great PR opportunity.A win for education, kids, the donor, and our future.The adventures depict the saga of five brothers and sisters who discover sunglasses through which they can see the elements from the periodic table such as Ollie Oxygen, Holly Hydrogen, and Clifton Chlorine, who are personified into super-hero like characters. The characters "powers" are based on their chemical and physical properties.The children embark on an epic adventure with the elements to battle diabolical elements and molecules as they struggle to define a sense of self, honor, and ethics. It is a story of mystery, intrigue, fantasy, adventure, and science.The ultimate goal is edutainment. Education through entertainment. If you can link a child's imagination to a topic and make it entertaining, they will remember more and be engaged enough to want to learn more. 

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