Advantages Of Forming New York LLC

Advantages Of Forming New York LLC

From Mathew Philip

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There are a lot of choices for one who is willing and ready to start a new business. For small businesses, it may be difficult to penetrate the saturated market and thrive. Limited liability companies have become a good and popular choice for small businesses. Many large and successful companies have formed a corporation and its a good lead, but here are the main benefits of forming an LLC:

1)      Less paperwork

For a small-informally run business, there are alot of requirements that limited liability companies offer that are necessary for them to observe which may not be suitable for the small business. Unlike Corporations, LLCs don't have to keep extensive records or hold annual shareholder meetings, therefore making it easy for a small business to operate.

2)      Limited personal liability

An LLC is legally separate from its owners, therefore, your business debts are not your debts. One’s assets are not at risk even when your business partner(s), employee, or the business itself is accused or sued for negligence when you run an LLC. Even though you can lose the money you invested in the company, LLCs are responsible for their obligations and debts. LLC Formations prevent one's assets like bank account and home to be used to collect on the business debts.

3)      Management flexibility

There is a fixed management structure that corporations have, that consists of a board of directors who oversee the officers who run the day-to-day business and set company policies. The shareholders or owners meet annually to conduct other company business and elect directors. However, in LLC Formations, owners have more choices about the way they make decisions and how they will run the business.

4)      Flexibility in profit distribution

There is flexibility in the way in which owners of an LLC distribute their profits which is not per their ownership percentages or equally. Incorporations, the number, and type of shares one hold form the basis on how the profits will be distributed. In an LLC Formations, two people may have equal interests in the LLC and can decide one to receive a greater share of the profits may be because they contributed more labor or money in the business's startup phase.

5)      Flexibility in ownership

S corporations can't have shareholders that are corporations, can't have more than 100 shareholders, and can't include foreign shareholders. LLC Formations have no restriction on the type and number of owners that they can have, therefore, providing pass-through taxation.

6)      Tax advantages

LLC can adopt the tax statutes of S corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, or C corporations as they don't have their federal tax classification. In LLC Formation, one doesn't pay any LLC taxes or corporate taxes, therefore, they can take the advantage of pass-through taxation. The LLC's expenses and income pass through to the owners' tax returns, therefore, the owners pay personal income tax on any profits.


LLC Formation is an adaptable and simple business structure that many small businesses deem perfect. Owners of an LLC can take the advantage of management flexibility, LLC tax benefits, reporting requirements, and minimal recordkeeping.

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