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Join me and complete 50 pushups for 50 days! Have your friends and family sponsor you and donate to our cause of raising awareness for childhood mental health! 

From your mobile: CLICK "BECOME A FUNDRAISER" to join the team!

From your desktop: CLICK "JOIN THIS TEAM" to join the team!

CLICK "DONATE NOW" if you simply want to donate to help raise awareness for childhood mental health.

Once (if) you join the team, you'll receive access to the challenge and the app where you can keep track of your challenge starting May 12! You do NOT have to start then, but that's when I will officially start my own 50 days. Access to the challenge begins on May 12, not before!

I do realize that pushups alone won't do a thing, but the awareness that this campaign can create will absolutely help!

Thank you for either becoming a member of this awesome team or supporting the cause with your donation. You're changing the world of a child battling their mental illness and the family standing beside them defending their loved ones as best they can. 

Please use #PushingForAwareness for any social posts you make about either joining the team or making a donation!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Yup, I'm yellin' it! xo)

My son and I have had one heck of a year battling his childhood anxiety and depression. During this year I've learned a great deal about the support needed for our kids battling, slaying and fighting to succeed against mental illness. 

During my son's battles, I also realized the toll it takes on the people who are the "safe place" during crises. These "Support Warriors" want to do what's best for their loved one, but with a lack of resources available, one is often left feeling inept, uneducated, judged, heart-broken and shattered. There is little to no support for those who stand beside the mental health warriors and this also needs to change. 

I've made it my mission to find resources to educate and to inspire others to learn more about two things: 1) The lack of education about childhood mental illness and 2) The lack of resources for families with a child/brother/sister/mom/dad/friend (the list goes on) combatting any type of mental illness.

We were put on waitlists and waited over 6 months to get our child help while he was in crisis. 6 months. I emailed. I pushed. I phoned. I demanded. 

So, now I will do that for others. 

I will email, push, phone and demand help. The money you donate here will be used to support organizations such as Buddy Check for Jesse, Head & Heart SK, #EndTheStigma and other non-profit organizations helping to educate Canadians on the battle that is childhood mental illness.

There are TWO ways to donate:

1) You can simply donate using the "DONATE NOW" button on this page and your money will be put towards raising awareness for childhood mental health.


2) You can PARTICIPATE in the 50 for 50 pushup challenge. This means you commit to 50 pushups for 50 days and during that time, you help raise money through your own fundraiser links to this campaign. I'd LOVE for you to join this challenge! 

C'mon...let's do it! Let's raise money, awareness, support, love and kindness for all the kids and families that are standing side-by-side, swords raised, souls tired yet still fighting the illness that is childhood anxiety and depression. 

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