Adovah Basketball Tournament

Adovah Basketball Tournament

From Rochto Joassin

Our Monday night basketball crew is raising money to donate to a local non profit or organization within our community who is working hard to serve and care for those who really need help.

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My name is Rochto Joassin (RJ) and I'm a youth pastor at Redemption Church Alhambra. Since December of 2020, a fellow leader at our church (Noah) and I have opened up our church's basketball gym to bless youth from around the block with a safe space to hoop. Since the pandemic, we've recognized that the isolation youth were experiencing was not good for their mental and that they needed a safe space to enjoy themselves and simply be kids. Considering the risk, we decided to do this for our community and use what God has blessed us with to bless our community. Being wise and applying safety measures has allow us to enjoy our open gym time without a single COVID case to date. Over the course of 3 months, this has become more than just an open gym, but a family enjoying each others company. 

Adovah Basketball Tournament is our way of blessing the community. We all agreed that we will raise money to go towards a non profit or organization that's working hard within our community to help serve those in need.  

What does Adovah mean? Avodah suggests that our work can be a form of worship where we honor God, and serve our neighbors. Whether we are playing basketball or working our 9 to 5 jobs, both can be honoring to God and serving our neighbor if we take the focus off of ourselves. This is what we plan to do with this tournament. We are choosing not to think of ourselves, but others in these times. This is why we're raising the funds, and we hope that you will donate towards the cause. 

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