Lend a Helping Hand: Fighting Addiction in Kentucky

Lend a Helping Hand: Fighting Addiction in Kentucky

From Sardar Khan

KY Helping Hands is an upstart non-profit dedicated to providing financial assistance, access, and support for those in need of addiction treatment in Kentucky. For those who are looking for a way out, but otherwise...

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(Watch Kayla's Story on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHwMCJrmOa8&t=5s )

When Kayla first discovered she was pregnant, she had never been to a clinic. She was fighting a heroin addiction two years in the making, and with the help of her boyfriend she had some success, by sharing his own suboxone prescriptions. Hard times came to pass, as they often do, and when he could no longer afford to attend his clinic, they both fell back into using once again. Helpless to fight what they were desperate to quit, they hurt their relationship in the process. It all felt out of their control.

Then one day, everything changed. Kayla’s pregnancy was a stark wakeup call. Immediately, she completely stopped all her substances. The withdrawals quickly took their toll, and she fell ill. She knew she had to get to a clinic as quickly as possible if she had any chance of overcoming her addiction and protecting her unborn child. That’s where KY Helping Hands came in.

Kayla had one critical goal: to give birth to a healthy, normal baby. Nine months later, she was greeted by a beautiful, healthy little girl, with little to no symptoms. Six pounds, 11 ounces, and 20 3/4 inches long.

Over the course of her treatment, Kayla improved mentally and physically. KY Helping Hands was able to help remove some barriers to her recovery, including finding her an apartment. Where she once was homeless, she now had a home. Where she once saw dead ends, she now saw only opportunities. 

Sadly, Kayla’s situation is not unique. And her recovery, and countless others like her, is only possible with your  donations  and support.


KY Helping Hands is a local non-profit dedicated to providing financial assistance, individualized access, and comprehensive support for those in need of  addiction treatment  and behavioral health counseling in central Kentucky. For those who are looking for a way out, but otherwise might not be able to afford it.

Most of those we assist don’t know where to find the treatment they need, and are unable to pay for some or all of the treatment. They are unable to find their way out of a downward spiral on their own. We're here to lend a helping hand.

We're building a network of partners and resources in the greater Lexington/central Kentucky area to ensure that no matter what someone comes to us for, we have a service to provide or an organization to refer.

Some of the assistance we offer includes:

  • Sourcing the personalized/integrated treatment needed
  • Assisting with payment for treatments and counseling
  • Assisting with payments for medications
  • Help with transportation to/from appointments
  • Low cost or free medical supplemental treatments
  • Help with temporary food/housing assistance


For several reasons!

1) We are just getting started in 2018, and in order to achieve our mission of making a difference and changing lives in Kentucky, we need funding right out the gate, from as many sources as are willing.

2) We need to actively spread the word about our mission in order to be effective, not only in fundraising and collecting donors, but in letting those in need know they have a reliable place they can turn for help, no matter the issue. Likewise, we want to raise awareness of our organization with other similarly aligned non-profits, charities, and organizations in the area we can partner with and add to our ever-growing support network.

3) We want to continue to shed a light on bigger issues that trouble our community and state, from poverty to drug abuse to homelessness, in earnest hope that they will be called to action and improved, building a better tomorrow for the Bluegrass.

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