Ad Astra University of Space Exploration

Ad Astra University of Space Exploration

From Johnathon Lee Perrin

To build a prestigious university solely dedicated to exploring space. To find new life forms and to terraform new colonies thru out space. Currently going thru processes to start the school.

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Written by John Perrin

I just read this Forbes Magazine article essentially explaining why now is the perfect time to start a school for deep space travel and colonization.

I think that its time to start Starfleet Academy a private school that yes follows the quid quo pro as the article suggest. The huge investment opportunities are limitless for one you will be immortalized as a co-founder or Initial Investor of the school. I myself as a kid always wanted to go to Starfleet Academy and with good reason.

The Academy as it holds you as a cadet to a higher standard of morality by embracing their prime directive. They also hold a higher level of professionalism when on duty or while researching in groups.This helps with the productivity of results in various manners such as brainstorming in groups to find solutions. This level of mutual respect allows cadets to better focus on studies by removing all disturbances from the education and research process including building the designs engineered. Also I don't know a single Star Trek Fan that's actually a rocket scientist but I'm sure they exist and would jump at this opportunity. 

Since the first fundamental years will be on education I recommend Jacksonville FL for the first school campus. For many reasons it has an international airport as well as it's the largest city land mass wise in the continental USA. There are many sites that could be used for the school land wise so expansion wouldn't be a problem. Downtown has a monorail system which might be taken into consideration for location to give a futuristic feeling there is also a port that will help with international contributions that require shipping by boat). What cadets wouldn't want to learn and train in the sunshine State. The other benefits are we can eventually build a satellite school close to Cape Canaveral to test various technology. I'm willing to accept other locations just don't know that much about real estate for private schools.

After reading the article on Forbes I immediately launched into action I said to myself what better time than now and what better place than here. This is why I am here today to ask you to help build a future worthy of children whom will inherit these benefits.  I may not be able to teach these courses but I believe in the core fundamentals of Starfleet Academy and who better to see that future start than me. I personally hold myself to a better standard of equality and understanding the quantum of situations and finding the best way to proceed. This by name alone will give instant status quo in educational expectations as well as other investors. SpaceX was the start of new era and that's factual this just fits in with the theme we as a race are moving towards this common goal.

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