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Our country is more divided than ever, our planet is on the brink of total environmental collapse and the human race is skidding closer each day toward an all-out global nuclear war.

I can no longer sit back and watch the insanity of our political system. It is being manipulated and controlled by mainstream corporate media. Most of our lawmakers are nothing more than puppets to their corporate masters as the people lose their rights and voice each day, these corporate monsters, who pay no taxes and care very little about the united states of America gain more power and more control by the hour. 

The time has come to stand up and speak out with strong, bold words and to take on our government and it's corporate cronies. My campaign is not a liberal or a conservative campaign, it is an independent campaign and it will not be based around saying, “The right things” or using the “Right words”. My campaign will not be based on a fear that I may upset the wrong people. My campaign will be based on truth and personal experience and will focus on saying what needs to be said. 

Our country is being led by ego-fueled neo-liberal individuals who can't see their own faults but are willing to point the finger at everyone else. Our country is being led by neo-conservative hypocritical zealots who are so blinded by their own beliefs they have lost all sight of love and understanding. 

We need someone who willing to stand up to both sides of the political establishment and push for hardcore reconstruction. 

I will take on the modern-day slavery in America hiding behind the name of justice. Our prison system is beyond disgusting - all private prisons must be abolished because no person or company should profit off of the incarceration of another human being in the land of the free. 

It's time for the U.S. to decriminalize all drug use and simple possession.

It's time to stop building more jails and prisons and redirect those funds to rehabilitation and medical care. 

Time to get Congress to bring U.S. troops home from the ongoing war zones in the Middle East and the rest of the world. 

Now is the time for us to stop casting stones and instead turn those stones into schools. Conflict in a region will not end with more combat but with books, pencils, and paper - the tools of socio-economic growth.

We are a country built on slavery and genocide but we don't have to be that way anymore, we can grow out of our barbaric ways and truly become the leader of the world by ways of example. 

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