Achieving the 2020 Dream

Achieving the 2020 Dream

From Ginger McCurtain

Raising money to start my new job in Texas! I want to get off unemployment. To take the $20/hr job offer I need to transfer my Drivers License, and pay move in costs for an RV park so I have a place to live while star...

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In May 2019 my Father passed away. My sister and her three children, along with their cat, had been living with him. The landlord decided to evict them, as they were not on the lease. They had no where to go, and none of her older children were in any position to help her.

I had them join me at my seasonal job, with the understanding that I would help them move out to Oklahoma at the end of summer.

Summer ended, as did my seasonal job. I took unemployment and the 2 week journey of 3 adults, 3 teenagers, my special needs daughter, our 6 cats and theirs in 1 RV began.

12 campgrounds and 5 states later we arrived at the end of September in Oklahoma when it was still quite warm. By November the rains and cold weather arrived. The tent the extra bodies slept in was flooding, and the park we were at threatened to evict us if those in the tent used a space heater. That's when we discovered the RV roof leaked. We all needed housing, but I couldn't move my family into a place until my sister and her kids had a place of their own. We could survive in the leaky RV far longer than they could sleep in a leaking tent.

By December my sister and her kids were tucked away in a house, starting life over. No more leaking tent. Now it's our turn.

I have been offered a $20/hour job, going back to being a School Bus Driver in Texas. However, I have hit a snag and need help.

In order to take the job I must transfer my Driving License. To do that, I need to establish residency in my new state. To do both, I have to get my RV and my family into a Campground in the new state. The problem is that my unemployment is on hold. My prior claim went smoothly, but when it transitioned to a new claim all my weekly filing for benefits got disqualified. The Drivers License I used to verify my identity on the old claim wasn't accepted for the transitional claim. I am appealing this, but I am in dire financial straights. Having not been paid for 4 weeks, I am $1800 short of being able to take the job offer.

I need to pay my cell phone bill, so both the employer and my family can reach me. I need move in costs for the new campground to establish residency. I also need to pay to transfer my license, and fuel costs for the first three weeks of the new job till I get paid. Had my unemployment continued, as it should have as they had approved my application for Transitional Benefits, I would have had all this covered.

As it is, I cannot even start on this new journey. I cannot do anything Christmas-wise for anyone in my family, and I have no idea how I am going to feed my rescue kitties or us while unemployment sorts itself out. Caseworkers at unemployment assure me I will get paid retroactively...once they get around to accepting my I.D.

I would really love to start on the new job. Everything else that I have skills for only offers $10 per hour. $20 per hour is the wiser choice. I simply need some help to get there.

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