Aca's Phalloplasty

Aca's Phalloplasty

From Aleksandar Sič

Phalloplasty, last step in gender reasessment surgery

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Hello, for those of you who don't know me in person, my name is Aleksandar. I come from Serbia, Europe. I am a 24 year old transman. I am a fitness trainer and a physiotherapist, bit currently working as a bartender so I can go to medical school, starting next summer. I am an advocate for my community and one of the first trans men in Serbia to come out publicly. My transition journey started in January 2017, when I started hormone replacement therapy (testosteron depo). In June of 2018 I had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and ovaries). The following month, August 2018, I had a mastectomy and metoidioplasty. My surgeon was Miroslav Djordjevic, MD. Six months later, I had another surgery, to fix the fistula on my new urethra. My new found confidence after the surgeries has helped me advance in my career, build new relationships, and start a new job (college too, soon). I changed my gender marker, name and last name, and my social security number. I worked extremely hard to cover all my medical expenses over the years, even tho my country participated in the expenses of the surgeries I had so far. I m not satisfied with the genitals I have after metoidioplasty, look nor function, so I have to go in for a phalloplasty. Phalloplasty is a surgery where musculus latissimus dorsi is used to create a normal looking and normal functioning penis, same as the biological men have. Unfortunately, it is not covered by the insurance in Serbia and I have to pay out of pocket. It costs 8000 EUR, which is not something I can afford, working or not. So, now I have to ask for help. I strongly believe that this last step in my transition will give me a chance to live and love my life to the fullest. Every penny counts, so please consider helping me have this surgery, I promise to always pay my good fortune forward! Thank you in advance ❤

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