About to file for bankruptcy at age 26

About to file for bankruptcy at age 26

From Sarah Grove

I am in extreme debt and have had no regular income since October 2018. This is due to medical issues that I have been working to overcome. I am to the point now that I will have to file for bankruptcy in 1-2 months.

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I have been on and off a leave of absence from work since October 2018 due to severe migraine headaches, mental illness, and extreme fatigue caused by bursitis. 

I have been forced to pay all of my bills with my credit cards during this time. This includes my phone bill, rent, utilities, groceries, prescriptions, co-pays, treatment fees, car loan payments, and even doing cash advances just to put it back on my credit line to make it count as a payment to not wreck my credit. 

I only have $100 left in credit, which will be washed out in the beginning of February 2019 due to interest charges. To cover last month's payments, I was able to beg my mother and father to borrow money, but that is no longer an option. 

Short term disability has repeatedly refused my claims even after my doctors have told them how severely my health problems negatively impact my ability to function day to day, let alone work.

From October 2018 to November 2019, I was ineligible for most federal, state, or financial aid due to living with my now ex-boyfriend. I've since rent a room from my father and am now eligible to apply for more support. 

I've been denied SSI because I have a small 401k that I do not have access to. I now have to wait 5+ months to see if I get approved for disability. I have absolutely no income otherwise now and was only able to make around $1,400 at work this entire year.

My only option at this point is to file for bankruptcy unless I can somehow find anyone willing to donate. However, I would still need funds to cover a lawyers fee to help file for bankruptcy (estimated $800)

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