Abandoned Pets Now in Loving Home

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My sister lost her job in 2019 and taking care of her pets was more difficult than expected.  Most of the animals in her home were abandoned and she took them in.  She has been taking in unwanted animals for decades.

Some of her current housemates include: A tortoise that was tossed into her yard! Dogs who were found in parking lots and owners never claimed them. Cat shot with BB gun in head.  Birds with no feathers except on their heads because they couldn't pick those feathers out.  She rescued a deaf senior dog from a storage facility.  Guinea pig who was destined to be snake food.  Former junk yard dog who was on a three foot chain that was tied to a tire. Dogs who their elderly owners passed and their surviving family members were going to dispose of them.

Our mother and I have been helping ans she found a new job, but unfortunately it is only half of what she used to get paid. Their medical and feeding bills add up so quickly.  We love them with all of our hearts and would never get rid of them to make her financial situation easier.  They are family!

Any donations you make will go directly to their food and medical bills

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