Abandoned After Election Day

Abandoned After Election Day

From Angela Jenkins

My family has completely abandoned me for me standing out, sticking up for what I believe in, being the ONLY Republican amongst them. I came home to changed locks after I went to support MY PRESIDENT in DC. Please help.

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Please, take a few moments to read what I have been going through. I have lived in the Philadelphia my whole life and for the first time, I can honestly say that I am afraid to be myself in my own home, neighborhood, and city. I was always the "Odd One Out" with my beliefs, I have a younger sister who shares my beliefs as well, but she would not DARE to speak out due to the fact that she will be EXEILED as I was/am. Due to me losing my job (COVID-19) and did not qualify for unemployment, I was forced to move back with my parents. 


They took offense when I would post on my facebook "Pro-Trump, Blacks For Trump, Women For Trump". We would fight, fight, FIGHT all because they could not handle the truth! My mother would cry, and ask 'Why am I doing this to the family". I feel that it is my right as an American to have a voice! I was not allowed in the house with my Trump/MAGA/American Flag attire. I was given the option to STOP POSTING #TRUMPSAMERICA OR DELETE MY FACEBOOK. I abided by their prison rules and did as I was told. 

When that was not enough to kill my spirit, MY OWN PARENTS put all of my personal belongings in 2 cardboard boxes, left it on the front porch, with a note saying "Go to Trump's House". All because I decided to go down to Washington DC to march with my fellow TRUTH SEEKERS and be heard as an AMERICAN! I was attacked for wearing a MAGA hat and a "Trump 2020" shirt while peacefully marching unarmed by a bunch of thugs calling me a "traitor". I have never felt more violated my whole life. Please, this is only the tip of the Iceberg. I have been through so much because of my political views not being respected in my own home. I hope to make my goal because I am living in my car right now. It is over due on payments, i DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE FOR NEXT MONTH so if that get taken away, I will really have nothing. 

I want my parents and family to know that I do not need to compromise my beliefs as an American to have a family. I have seen what we can do when we all come together. Please stand with me in this fight. We are all in this together. Please don't let me go back. Please be my new family. #TrumpForever #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #StopTheSTEAL

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