A Yoga teacher's story of Survival & fight for Justice

A Yoga teacher's story of Survival & fight for Justice

From Melissa Bliss

Support Melissa's recovery from an attempted murder that forced her into hiding, isolated from her community, traumatized, burdened with medical bills, all of her furniture left behind, lost wages, etc.

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almost 2 years ago

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Dearest Friends,

I have slowly begun making my reappearance back into the Houston yoga scene and are finally have the courage to speak out as to why I disappeared and what has been going on over the last couple of years. I feel this issue is something that desperately needs to be addressed in the Yoga community so as to build a better foundation of support and recovery for women who are either being abused, or have been abused, attacked or stalked within the community.  

On Oct. 15th, 2017 I was brutally assaulted, strangled and nearly killed by an abusive ex-boyfriend the night before I was set to leave him for his on-going abuse of me.  For over a year , he continued to stalk me within the Yoga & Arts community, at my jobs, home, etc despite the pending legal charges.  The emotional, mental and physical trauma was so severe, and amplified from feeling like I didn't have my community to turn to, and I was unable to perform the way I needed to as a teacher and healer. I could hardly eat for almost a week after it happened as it hurt to move my jaw from when he had his hand around my mouth to muffle my screams while he was strangling me and didn't have the proper medical insurance coverage that I needed to cover any of medical expenses (Equinox only provided preventative). I left all of my furniture behind in order to escape him, so I essentially had nothing when I left and still haven't acquired anything as I have been trying to get caught up from all of the unexpected expenses that were the direct result of this assault, such as the emergency medical bills, PTSD treatment, lost wages from missed work, bills, etc.  Therefore, I had no way of seeking legal defense, as I didn't have the money to hire an attorney - The state of Texas filed charges against him after I filed the police report.  

Although I have recovered from the trauma of it, found meaning and purpose through it, the financial repercussions of this near-death attack are still greatly effecting me to this day, so I am seeking the assistance of the community to help me to finally move past it.

To hear my in-depth testimony, see the video attached -TRIGGER WARNING

As a Yoga teacher and healer who has dedicated my life to helping others, it is my turn to reach out and ask for help with some essential things that are still effecting me from the assault:

  • Medical Bills & PTSD treatment
  • All of my furniture & essential household items lost
  • Business Expenses & lost wages

The true costs of what happened greatly exceed any monetary value and I use all of the experiences I have been through to help others, especially women, through the work that I do in my career and volunteerism.  All donations exceeding my goal will be donated to 2 charities I support:

-The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Culture Reframed (Anti-Porn Organization)

Thank you so very much for your support of me and all victims of domestic violence who don't (yet) feel they have a voice to speak out.

With humble Gratitude, 

Melissa Riedel

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Melissa Bliss posted a new update:
almost 2 years ago

Update #1

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