A violin for Autumn

A violin for Autumn

From Garrett C Lamie

Why she needs your help: Autumn is a bright and beautiful young woman who's been studying the violin for many years now

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 Recently she graduated from high school and began studying at Oklahoma State University. She is a double major in music and psychology and plays with the Oklahoma State University Orchestra. She has been the best daughter that anyone could hope for and we want to reward her for all that she has done, but due to medical issues, we have been unable to help her in this way. A couple of years ago my husband and I decided that for Autumns graduation we would buy her a violin. We have been renting for many years now from different providers. During high school, she rented from a highly reputable privately owned company that specializes in string instruments. They build and repair as well as rent violins and other string instruments. The rent that we have been paying will be applied to a new instrument and we must return her instrument in a couple of weeks. Her stepfather was incredibly ill in ICU when she graduated and we were not in a position to be able to buy that violin that we had I wanted so desperately to provide her with. Why the urgency During her senior year of high school, Autumn decided that she would like to serve our country by joining the Navy Reserves. Finding the time to make for boot camp and training school meant taking a semester away from school. She decided to get her feet wet first at OSU then go to boot camp for the second semester. She will be gone for six months. We cannot afford to pay for her rental and considering she will not be using the violin for the 6 months we have opted to return it. In order to take advantage of the applied rental fees, we must be in a position to buy her a violin when we return it. Also, she must be fitted with a violin and be able to test it out and she will not be able to do that until June if we wait. That leaves very little time before she goes back to school. Getting the violin before she deploys will give her peace of mind and a chance to fiddle with it as well. (Sorry, I could not resist the stupid pun.) She's an amazing young woman and truly deserves it. For some background on how we got to this point, visit my facebook page for Kim's gfm. I ended that campaign to begin this one. It will provide you with his ongoing condition and updates. Thank you!

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