a Trumpet for Celeste

a Trumpet for Celeste

From Ralph A Herrera

Would you like to do something amazing for someone even amazinger for her birthday?

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IMPORTANT: THIS IS A SURPRISE!This is being shared via facebook with the privacy setting blocking Céleste from seeing it. If and when you share this, please check your privacy setting so that Céleste won't see this.Céleste Knowles Robinson is one of the most amazing people I know. Scratch that. Céleste Knowles Robinson is the most amazing person I know. How do I know? Well, she's my sister.She has faced and overcome some of life's most difficult obstacles, only to blossom as a beautiful, renowned, and professional trumpet player.If an effort to gift this amazing human being a gift that attempts to parallel her remarkableness, her husband wanted to do something special.He thought it would be best if everyone who likes, knows, and loves Céleste, could have the opportunity to express your love for her by gifting her with her very own professional grade trumpet.Here are a few splendid reasons to help fund Céleste's birthday gift:1. She's amazing2. It's her birthday3. (this is where you put your reason)This trumpet is really top notch...but I argue, the best for the best. And those that know Céleste Knowles Robinson, nose she deserves this brass in bows, 'scuse the pun.Thank you for donating!--Joshuap.s.Céleste's husband is going to video Céleste opening her birthday gift for everyone to see. Céleste's birthday is Feb 1th. Thanks!

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