A true love story

A true love story

From Balsa Travka Pamucar

I'am trying to get reunited with my beautiful girlfriend from Africa. Due to the whole Covid-19 situation, I'am stuck in my country with no real job or any income at all. The money is for ticket to Africa plus visa.

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Ok, so here is a full story (I couldn't write it in the description).

My name is Balsa Pamucar and I am from Serbia, from a small town, Kladovo (zip code is 19320).

In 2016 I went to Dubai as I landed a job there. During my time there I met the love of my life, my beautiful Josphine Mutugi. I quit the job in 2019 and went home to see my family and friends one more time before I go away for good. As fate would have it, Covid-19 situation struck when I was at home. Unable to move or go anywhere I stayed at home waiting for the situation to get better (we all know how that turned out). Most of the money I made in Dubai I spent helping people who struggled during the Covid-19 crisis, since I thought that it won't last forever and that I' ll get a new job and everything will work out. By the time I realized that everything is not going to be okay I was already broke. And now I need the money to get myself to Africa.

The money will be used for ticket to Africa and visa expense.

My girlfriend and myself are constantly seeing each other via Skype but we haven't seen each other in the flesh for almost two years. I am hopelessly romantic kind of guy and I still believe in true love. I also believe that good people outweigh bad people in this world.

I won't die if I don't raise enough money because i have a roof over my head and there is food on my table so I implore to people who believe in love to help me out only if they can. I do not want anybody suffering because he or she helped me. I am, however, desperate to see my baby.

If you wish to help me out you can contact me at [email protected] or on my fb account Balsa Travka Pamucar for more info on the matter. I mean that in a sense that I know how most people will probably think I am lying or trying to con people but I am not. I am just a simple and honest guy. I can even give you contact of my girlfriend but I would have to ask her first. 

So if you want go ahead and write me and I ll provide you with anything you wanna know. 

Thank you all in advance and may the universe keep you.

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