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Superheroes! There are fairy tales and so many stories about superheroes. Well superheroes aren't just fictional characters. They are real life people. They may not fly or have invisibility powers, but they work hard just same. A ordinary man making a difference in many children's lives is a superhero to me. That's my DAD. I am a foster kid whose life has been changed thank to him.I am 17 years old and my life has been majorly changed by my parents. My family has been foster parents for 19 years. They have had over 95 children in their home. About 19 years ago my parent bought a home. They had to completely revamp their home. The previous owners had flooded it and left trash in the home. They started fostering, taking in children who have been abused.About 13 years ago my Dad took out $25,000  of his retirement. He took this money out to keep my sister safe.  My parents were forced to adopt her brother when they adopted her. The boy tried to harm her and they couldn't take it anymore. They had to unadopt him... The agency said they weren't going to take the boy because they didn't have a home for him. They were going to take my sister instead because she was a well behaved girl. In order to do this my parents had to put my sister in hiding and hire attorneys. I was abused from a very young age. I was put in foster care at the age of 13. The few months leading up to being in foster care was pure HELL!. I was pulled out of school- to be "homeschooled"- in reality I was being forced to do the dirty work. Watch my siblings when they got home, feed them, make sure they got dressed and went to school. I didn't sleep much in that time. I would have to walk to get food. The CPS came and told us we couldn't live there. So off we went to a hotel then my grandfather then a hotel. We ended up in a hotel again and kicked out because of the false checks that my biological mother wrote. That night there was a blizzard. We were left outside in a truck that wouldn't start. A gracious highway patrol officer got us a room for the night.  The next day we were able to find a homeless shelter that would take us. The homeless shelter gave us clothes and food. Food we could actually eat more than 1/2 a meal a day. 21 days later we were taken into foster care.  We were put in two homes and trusted no one. The homes were a mother and father, and a daughter and son-in-law. So we were able to stay close. Four months later we were shipped to another home where we were able to be together. After Christmas one of my siblings was shipped to another home. Another one was shipped right after valentines day. Christmas there was so many gifts... You couldn't even walk in the living room... it was awesome.  My Daddy took us out on daddy-daughter dates. DADDY DAUGHTER DATES! Can you imagine... being abused all your life and going to having a family who treats you like their own. They have treated me like there daughter from the second I walked in the door. My last sibling was pulled about a year ago. When I first came I trusted no one. I instantly was able to talk and share my feelings without being hurt. They gave me safety, love, kindness, despite what I have done while being here. I have done some very wrong things while being here.  I want to make it right. My DAD is a diabetic. He is a postal worker who is supposed to work 4 days a week,  but works 6. When he has days off and he knows there are not many workers in the office, he goes ON HIS DAYS OFF and sorts mail. He doesn't get paid for extra time and doesn't complain. DAD doesn't complain when he comes home every night about his feet or his back or even his shoulders hurting. When it rains and his car has broken down he goes outside and works on it. He doesn't complain when his feet turns to raw hamburger meat: because of getting wet. He doesn't have a place to work on thing and he has always had a dream of building a barn. I want to surprise him with the money to build this barn above. My dad has to buy another transmission for his car, has to exterminate the house because of another foster child. My Dad works hours on end to provide and it seems like every time something gets fixed another thing breaks.  We don't get welfare. WE don't get government handouts. When I needed glasses. My insurance didn't pay for it so my Dad did. When foster kids come to this house, if they need anything dad buys it. And NOT just the cheap things.  Since I have been here he has bought every foster child that has been through this home a pair of NIKE shoes, so those kids would feel loved. My Daddy is so gracious. He would give a shirt off his back to any stranger passing by. My brother knew a girl whose father was going to put her on another bus to another state because he didn't want to take care of her. My brother asked my parents if she could at least stay with them until she finished high school, so  she didn't have to start over at a new place. Not Only, did she finish high school but, she got so many scholarships and went to college where she was able to make her dream come true. My parents made that happen. My Dad fed her, bought her clothes, and gave her a place to call home. My dad isn't just ordinary to me... he is Extraordinary, he is a SUPERHERO.SO PLEASE HELP ME GIVE MY DADDY A SUPER SURPRISE! Thank you so much! I appreciate your time.  Even if all you donate is $1. Please give and share this with friends. I am 100000% grateful.

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