A sister sheltered, safe and sound.

A sister sheltered, safe and sound.

From Holly Gray

I am raising money for my very brave, amazing sister who had the courage to end her 5 year toxic relationship with a sociopath, but has since been homeless with a teenage daughter to care for barely getting by everyday.

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I have always known my sister to be headstrong and self sufficient, never having to ask anyone for anything, always able to provide a very nice living for herself and her amazing , beautiful daughter, my niece whom I love very much. She started a career as an executive assistant for a home building company at the age 18 and by the time she was 21, She was a licensed contractor, specializing in residential homes. She could build a house from the ground up, finished and move-in ready in a little less than 3 months time. 2006 is when the economy began its decline and the effects it had on the real estate and construction industries were devastating. By 2010, after a long hard fight, and being financially exhausted trying to keep the company afloat, they were forced to close their doors for good. So here's my sister... no more job, no more money, with a hefty mortgage, car payment, utilities bills, home and vehicle insurance having to be paid among all the other bills that always come up, and a daughter to care for, she did what she had to and she did it gracefully. She sold just about everything she had, except for the few things that were her mothers who passed in 2007, and made the very difficult decision to move into a very run down rental property that belonged to her stepmother and the man she has always known as "Dad", if he can even be called that, because of the utter lack of action associated with such a title, for her entire life, and settled into a house that she could never call "home". Mold, sinking floors, roof caving in places and a septic tank needing to be emptied she sank more and more into depression. She met a man she thought was a great guy. Good looking, good job, had money, a car and seemed to genuinely care for her. She was fooled by him, by his demeanor, his charm, his words and actions and became the victim of a sociopath for 5 long years. Mentally, emotionally and psychologically beat down from his constant mind games, belittling remarks, and physically harming her pet dog in retaliation, she finally found the courage to end the 5 years of misery caused by such an evil man. Although she was courageous enough to leave, it has left her destitute, her and her daughter having to sleep in the car some nights because they have no where to stay, no money, no one to ask for help and she desperately needs some sort of miracle. I pray for her hard and often, very humbly before the Lord and I believe I was led here for the purpose of asking for help from others in an effort to help her and be the miracle she so desperately needs in her life right now. Blessings to all who read this. Thank you for taking the time to read this and your interest in my sisters story. It is truly appreciated.  

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