A Service Dog for Becca

A Service Dog for Becca

From Becca Hebron

I am fundraising to support the funds needed for a psychiatric service dog. With your kind donations, your generosity will help fund adoption fees, medical fees, training fees, and helping me find my guardian angel.

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Update #1

over 2 years ago

It's only been 30 minutes and we have already raised $60 :,) I am so grateful. This means the world to me <3

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My disability is invisible.

I am diagnosed with major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder. I have been battling these issues for more than 10 years. It has been an exhausting fight and I am still in recovery today.

I have been in and out of the hospital for 6 years now. My illnesses have debilitated me from living a functional life and leading a life according to my values. I forget to eat and take my medicine. I start missing school and work. Panic attacks leave me paralyzed. Depressive episodes chain me to my bed. When I went to university, it was extremely difficult for me to be independent. I realized I could barely take care of myself.

I have thought about becoming a service dog handler for 2 years. My friend from residential has a service dog herself and planted the idea in my head. I was too embarrassed to bring it up to my therapist and my doctor because I thought they would say I wouldn't qualify.

One day in treatment, a therapy dog visited our unit. Something sparked inside of me. My legs moved without me thinking and I ran after the handler after she left. I expressed that I have been thinking of a psychiatric service animal for quite some time. Choking on my words and trying to hold back tears, I said, "I can't take care of myself; how am I supposed to take care of a dog?"

My clinical therapist overheard my comment as she was walking past. The next day in treatment, she sat me down and revealed she thought about my comment the whole night. She changed my whole perspective on the situation.

She explained, "In a way, having a dog will teach you to take care of yourself."

Suicidality has been an extreme problem for me. I experience intrusive thoughts and it's the first "coping skill" I think to use. I have survived 6 suicide attempts. When you adopt a dog, it is a lifetime contract for them. It's a promise that I have to stay alive and take care of this creature. This dog would be a pact for me to stop attempting suicide. I have never felt so much hope for the future. Finally I feel like I have a purpose to live again.

I am grateful that my doctor, therapist, family, and friends are all on board for this decision.

You may be thinking, "Shouldn't she just get an emotional support dog?" However, service dogs can perform tasks that aren't just medical response or medical alerts! Here are some examples I hope to teach my dog:

-Remind me to take medication

-Retrieve medication to alleviate symptoms

-Call 911 or suicide hotline on K-9 rescue phone

-Sense panic attack

-Intervene panic attack, flashback, self-harm, other emotional overload

-Finding an exit

-Deep pressure therapy

-Alert family members, friends, etc.

I am currently searching for the perfect match. I hope to adopt, but I am also considering reaching out to breeders. I do extensive research everyday on laws, requirements, and the experience of having a service dog. Currently, I am on medical leave for school, so I hope to spend my time at home extensively training my dog myself and with a personal trainer.

Training and caring for a service dog can add up to $10,000 to a whopping $65,000. I am not working at the moment because of my health, so my family is kindly helping me pay for the first few months. I am beyond thankful for them.

Your donations are rescuing a dog's life and my life too. Even $3 can help me buy a toy for the dog or a treat so any donation is appreciated! I just want to help cover the burden that I am putting on my family because they are funding this.

I can't wait to care for someone and have them take care of me too. I am so excited to live again. 

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Becca Hebron posted a new update:
over 2 years ago

Update #1

It's only been 30 minutes and we have already raised $60 :,) I am so grateful. This means the world to me <3

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