A Real Home

A Real Home

From Gigi Page

Since 1992, during the middle of my seven year divorce I was left homeless, without a car and destitute. I have overcome obstacles and survived. However, I have never had the one thing I feel as I have aged is a home.

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I was set adrift destitute after a long seven year divorce in Texas, where if your spouse has all the gold and position you end up with dirt. I was left homeless, without a car and no job. I was a wife supporting my husband who's job took him traveling 90% of the time.

The Judge was biased toward his favorite attorney and my ex did every dirty trick he told him to use. MY ex worked @ a defense contractor who supplied him with a nasty attorney.

I was prose acting without attorney, as I had no money of my own. My ex pulled very dirty stuff on me, even having the judge kick me out of the house and put me in jail while they moved out my belongings into a storage place.

Needless to say it was very difficult to overcome, without friends or family to help me. I survived but barely. I was overwrought with depression and could not fight back even appeal as they kept any money from me.

you cannot imagine the degradation of being homeless, without transportation and hopeless. I have struggled these many years to maintain. The one thing I have not attained is a home of my own, one someone cannot take away from me.

At this stage of my life, I have very few options and would use the money to build a small 1 bedroom home for myself and my dog.

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