A Quick Crash Course in Getting Your Business Going

A Quick Crash Course in Getting Your Business Going

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Once you have your business name picked out and formally registered, you can finally get your first set of business cards made up. Sometimes budding business owners have their minds made up about their business names and other details, but they find that changes have to be made. So, you should not buy a domain or have a logo made up until you have gotten your LLC, S corp or even your sole proprietorship established and you won't waste any resources. Here is a fast crash course in getting a business setup from start to finish, in the manner that makes the most sense.

Know Your Business Name, Location, and Purpose

Branding is going to be a big part of your business. The company name is what customers are going to need to remember, so it should be easy to pronounce and not similar to the names of any other company in the industry you operate in. Then there is the question of where you will operate the business itself. You might have your business headquartered in one location but do business elsewhere or all around the United States. Some business owners operate their companies from home but use virtual mailboxes and co-working offices to receive mail and host business meetings. Knowing the purpose of your company will help you when actually registering your business, so you can have the right kind of entity setup.

Register Your Business in the Most Convenient Place

There are all sorts of reasons for setting up a company locally, in a neighboring state, or in a place on the other side of the nation.For business owners in New York City, choosing to operate from New Jersey or even Connecticut can be cheaper when it comes to paying taxes. The best state for LLC formation is wherever your business is individually going to get the most benefits. Setting up an LLC in Delaware, for example, will mean that your business pays a low tax rate. Operating in a state such as Texas is great for business owners who want to form umbrella LLCs, which simply means that they want to run multiple, separate businesses that have differing functions.

Establish a Business Bank Account, Official Website, and Business Phone

The last thing that you need to do is acquire a business account that reflects the company name. Right after that, you need a business phone number and a business website. On your business website, all company contact information should be listed. All of this information is critical for getting approved for a business loan or even qualifying for business coaching, seminars and inclusion in local business development opportunities.

Remember that small details such as company letterheads and even mail addresses can be changed at almost any time. Changing a business name or business entity is a lot more work, and it can cause delays, confusion, and extra and unnecessary fees. Take your time when filling out the application for your business license so that you won't have to do the same work twice. This crash course can get any novice business owner through the first steps with ease.

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