A Puppy Without an Anus

A Puppy Without an Anus

From Akeimi Lopez

Hi! I am Akeimi Lopez from Philippines, the owner of Pochi. I'm fundraising for the surgery of my puppy which has atresia ani (no anus). I hope you can support him. Thank you so much!

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My heart is breaking because of this pup. He has an abnormal reproductive organ—can be a hemaphrodite, he is without an anus, and he has an undeveloped male sex organ. He was diagnosed with an atresia ani, and this is a very rare case for canines. One thing I am certain of? This one month puppy will undergo a surgery.

Maybe for some, they would just abandon him, and/or they wouldn't mind spending their time, effort, and money for a pup. Yet, I believe that this innocent being deserves to live—I want him to experience the carefree life of the dogs, to eat delicious food, to have his own family, and most importantly, I want him to experience the love from us humans.

On February 25th, Pochi will undergo a surgery, and it will cost a lot. So if you have a heart for this pup, please send help/donations to cover Pochi's surgery and expenses.

Despite these uncertainties, I am positive that everything will be alright! I'm praying and hoping na the surgery will be successful!

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