A property investment consultancy suggests student accommoda

A property investment consultancy suggests student accommoda

From Imran Ali

The retail sections in the multi-purpose projects witnessed a mixed outcome. Hence, if you are an experienced property investor and want to invest in this segment, you need to adapt to the changes.

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The students today are planning to get back to school fast! Others are starting their college as well. Hence, housing is one pertinent topic that has ample impact on each student's college experience. The quality of the student housing available in the university cities allows students to decide on their accommodation. Today, in 2020, the student accommodation and its investment have undergone significant changes. 

The majority of people usually recall a college cluttered with students and other people, making a house crammed. Today, this experience has undergone a massive change. The student housing today is an enormous attraction for the universities. The communities are also accepting the PBSA (Purpose-built student accommodation) projects as a means to shift students from the generic community houses to a more central location, which can cater to a student's lifestyle requirements.  To know more about this, you can check out Thirlmere Deacon.

The noticeable changes

Some of the changes in the PBSA’s as noted by prominent property investment consultancies are:

·         Apartment aesthetics

A generic apartment today is a blend of studios. It has one- or two-bedroom units taken as a lease for the entire apartment. In terms of student housing, the homes are three to four-bedroom units, along with the bathroom with each room. The contract for the bed has changed and not the overall unit.

·         Amenities

The amenities added for the student housing projects are essential for the entire experience. For instance, there's a lot of work in terms of the add-ons. Today, technology gets used to arrange accommodation spaces better. Students have access to high-speed internet so that they can browse for information online and complete their assignments. The new-age students count on the internet and use it in their tablet devices and mobile phones. If you aren't catering to the essential amenities, you will lose out on favorable opportunities.

·         Making healthy lifestyle choices

The other way in which student accommodation has changed is the lifestyle experience it provided. There are the 24x 7 fitness centers, which has swimming spas, pools in resort-style. The multi-purpose rooms get used for yoga and various other activities. There are study rooms, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, and many more. It is essential to ask as a real estate investor what the essential health amenities that you can provide are. From a student's viewpoint, it is crucial.

·         More empty rooms

When the housing has more empty rooms, the students get equipped with a lifestyle which gets designed for promoting human growth, education, development as well as human growth. It also includes other amenities used for the student home. It is essential to create an environment that is healthy for students. There hasn’t been ample time to assess and evaluate the academic influence of the PBSAs. But it’s a known fact that a student’s environment impacts their learning capacity. The student community benefits economically and socially when the students work hard and seamlessly complete their studies.

Almost a decade ago, all the developers added raised seating theatres in their projects. And a considerable amount of it had to get repurposed. The retail sections in the multi-purpose projects witnessed a mixed outcome. Hence, if you are an experienced property investor and want to invest in this segment, you need to adapt to the changes. 

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