A Plea for Bree

A Plea for Bree

From Susan Eason

Have you ever had a moment where you disparately needed a little help to get through it? That’s Bree, a Maine Coon and her owner Kristen. Bree was Kristen's support through her cancer battle. Now, Bree needs help.

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Have you ever had a moment where you disparately needed a little help to get through it?  Well, that’s Bree and her owner Kristen.  They are quite the pair.  Kristen’s family have all passed away, leaving her to battle a horrific cancer diagnosis on her own.  Well, not completely alone, her faithful and loving cat Bree, has always been by her side offering comfort and love and companionship when all three were disparately needed.    Now, Bree needs the same love and care while facing her on horrific health problems.   She was misdiagnosed by her vet which has ended up costing $1,000s of dollars in ineffective and in some cases, unneeded surgery.   Because of this incompetence, Bree has had to have additional tests and procedures to correct the mistakes that were made and to treat her original problems.  Due to improper techniques, Bree may have to have her eye removed and she just had to have emergency surgery to remove multiple root tips and broken teeth from her from a botched dental procedure that was supposed to fix her facial swelling.  All it did was cause her more pain and the loss of healthy teeth. 

While Bree’s health is the first concern, vet bills are stacking up and its becoming more than Kristen can bare.  Kristen has always put her Maine Coon kitty first, but these series of events are not her fault, not a lack of care and not something she could have planned for.  

For some people, it’s just a cat so why bother.  But if you have ever had a pet, you understand the bond that forms.  They are our family;  they give us unconditional love, someone that is waiting for you at the end of the day, and a snuggle buddy when you feel alone. And for many of us, they are all the family we have.

Kristen doesn’t know many people in this area, making this all the more difficult.  With few friends and no family left, Kristen is at a moment where she could truly use a little kindness from strangers.  Even if it’s only a few dollars, anything you could give and anyone that you can share the this link with will help.  While we are pursuing the appropriate measures for the malpractice that Bree had to endure, to ensure that she will continue to have a fighting chance, Kristen still needs almost $10,000 to complete the eye surgery and aggressive cancer she has that are life threatening.  This is on top of the $1,000s she has already spent.  If you have any questions about the medical procedures, the doctors, or if you want to see copies of the bills, estimates, or even give directly to the vets, please reach out directly.  

Otherwise, if you have a little kindness in your heart, please help Bree. 

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