A Place to Heal, Covid-19

A Place to Heal, Covid-19

From Tina Banée-Swanson

Imagine finding out you have Covid-19 and you don't have a place to quarantine. I am raising money to help people who don't have a place to quarantine and protect their friends and family.

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My mom was diagnosed with Covid-19  while traveling.  She was told to self quarantine but she didn't have a place to go because she was away from home and she was too sick to travel back home.   I explained this to the health department and they said "send her to a homeless shelter."  Yes, a homeless shelter with people who are not positive!!  

People need a place to quarantine.  Everyone doesn't have a finished basement.  Fortunately, we pulled all our money together and got my mom a hotel room for a couple of weeks before she ended up in the hospital. 

I want to raise enough money to help less fortunate people who test positive, quarantine from their families or roommates.  There are currently NO funds to help a person in this predicament.  How are we ever going to get rid of this nasty virus if poor people can't quarantine?  

Once we have enough money, anyone who has a positive test and wants to quarantine away from their family will be able to get a private hotel room for 14 days.   

By now, we know that our government is not going to help.  We have to do it ourselves.

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