Suffice In Allah As One's Champion

Suffice In Allah As One's Champion

From Ali Abu-Talib

A drowning man called on Allah For Help. Three boats came to his rescue. But he refused their aid, not recognizing that the boats were Allah's Help. Eventually he drowned. Please become God's Help For me. God Bless You.

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In Name of Allah The Source Of Mercy To All Of Creation, The Source Of The Mercy To The Believing Congregation. AsSalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatul Lillahi Wa Barakatuhu.In Name Of Allah The Source Mercy To All Of Creation 

The Source Of The Mercy To The Believing Congregation.

On Allah Bless Muhammad’s Soul And Rain Down Peace On His Household.

I am not a professional artist. In other words, I don’t do what I do to make money. When I was young, I was homeless in Hawaii. I still shared my thoughts on campus, hand written, Kinko Copied, pamphleteering… no charge… until they kicked me off campus. Hey. If I’d sold drugs instead of provoking thought about the Islamic Revolution, they’d of let me alone, I’d probably be rich (LOL). 

When I returned to the mainland, I cleaned carpets for money. I still wrote to inspire, provoke thought, and Islamically educate. Then came a work injury, a rich sponsor, and the internet. MaShaAllah. My mission became a lot easier. 

Now a door of interest, similar to the culmination of the Irani Revolution, has opened because of the desperate, yet devout, behavior of the people of Gaza, against mass murderous behavior of the Criminal Zionist Entity. Islam is once again on the minds of many. Challenging, provocative thought is name of  my game. I’m working with young people to fit me into the more modern digital world. It seems that FaceBook has become lame. But my rich sponsor of 26 years bailed. And I am late paying rent for the first time is 30 years. 

I’m still not a professional artist. But at 76 I’m too old, broke up, to lift that bar and tote that bail anymore. And I’d rather stay poor than sell my pen to the Satanic Media. So I’m reduced to sophisticated begging…what we call fund raising. 

I need at least $1500.00 by next Thursday. But I need at least $11,000 to get us through the summer the next 6 months of summer. Hopefully my team will have me set up before winter. I’m seriously thinking about selling books… many of which I’ve given away free on line. But in the meantime I need your help. If you think this old geezer’s (O-G’s?) voice is worthy of patronage please give generously. God Reward You For All The Help You Have Already Given Me. Shukran Jiddan. 

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