A new shelter. A new mission

A new shelter. A new mission

From Alexandru Andrei Stefanescu

I'm raising money for a new shelter. More dog's are coming daily and more food and medicine is needed. We received a space where we can build. But the space is left to fall. We need to rebuild for this beautiful animals.

Alexandru Andrei Stefanescu

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When I first started putting together this project of taking care of the street dogs that we have I didn’t manage to predict the actual challenge I was getting myself in to. In January 2017 I started on my own to gather and heal, help, try to find a real family for this beautiful friends. After a study I manage to find out that daily 10-15 dog’s without a family are raised from the streets and sent to state shelters. These are abandoned and abused dogs from irresponsible people. Shelters so messy that you can’t imagine. None of my friend’s actually believed me that I saw sadness and confusion in an dog’s eye, that a dog can actually transmit to us the emotions that he feels. I could almost hear him saying, asking : what have I done wrong? Why am I here.

I decided to stop this treatment as fast and for as many dog’s that I could. I took over 15 dog’s to handle.

That meant money for food, treatment, and all the expenses that I could give. I bought them toy’s. And after 6 months of hard work I did manage to place all 15 dog’s in the same place. That was a clear message for me that I succeed in my first stage of the mission. My dog’s manage to calm, and accommodate. They were happy. As soon as I saw that I started a program for adoption that worked awesome. I manage to create a profile for all of them and transported them to a new caring family. Most of them with a large back yard and kid’s. A place called home.

Since then I manage to adopt a lot more of the dog’s that are abandoned and abused by owners. We manage to gather 115 dog’s that came and went from us to a happy, decent family. But one puppy, one fighter that will be by my side for the rest of his days after recovering from a parvovirus made me love them even more. One of the ugliest disease that I ever fought with. The smell and the lack of power that I can see in a friend’s eye. Day and night I stood by his side to change the diapers to try and feed him or give him water. Daily perfusion and treatment’s that cost more than I could afford. I remember at one point I burst in tears and asked him to die if the pain is too much to handle. Seven days later was up and running. Eating my shoes again, crying to go out when I was working, licking my leg when we were laying down in bed watching TV.

Now I have 24 dogs in care, and I manage to buy a place where I can start and help them more.

The place is a wreck. No worries, I said. I will fix it. But more dog’s came in, more space needed , more food, and the medical bills are killing me. I manage to find a friend, a Vet that is helping me and I Pay when I have some money. But it’s getting hard. So I decided to get support from all of you, decent people, dog lover’s around the world.

I would love to see the shelter build, and pay the treatment’s we owe to the vet. I would love to see them being fed. Every day. And to make sure they have the life that they deserve. Right now we need materials to rebuild, pay the help we need, pay for food and medicine. Construction of a website for adoption. Mission called : Don’t buy, Adopt a friend.

And for the next stage I’m trying hard to find people that I can train to help me in taking care of the dog’s. Work with them, walk them, play with them. All can be done with just a bit of kindness and minimum effort from people all around the world. Because together we can clean the mess that we actually doing.  

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