A Mother’s Betrayal

A Mother’s Betrayal

From Shannon Pauling

I am raising money to hire an attorney to represent me in the upcoming custody case between myself and my mother for my 7 yr old daughter.

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I recently started a campaign to raise enough money to hire an attorney to represent me in the upcoming custody case for my daughter. I had retained an attorney with my tax refund only I still owed around $4000 and could not make the payments. So needless to say, that attorney had withdrawn council. My mother is trying to get sole custody of my 7 yr old daughter and move her from Texas to NJ! For the past month, my mom has been practically begging me to give permission to take my baby girl on “vacation” to NJ.  I absolutely refused to give my permission.  There was no way in hell I was going to give the ok to travel anywhere right now with the Coronavirus pandemic!!! Absolutely NOT!! And NJ is the second state in the whole country with the most confirmed cases as well as deaths!! The answer was NO!!  Well last week I was driving in the car on my way to spend some time with my daughter when my mother texts me saying don’t come here, we won’t be home because we have appointments. Which I found odd because since this virus, they haven’t as much as actually shopped in the grocery store. So the days go by and I’m calling and calling and no one answered. This week on Monday morning, I woke up to a text from my mom saying she just wanted to let me know they are in NJ!!! She does not have my permission to take her there!!! Neither does she have permission from a judge. My heart sank and then it was ripped completely from the pit of my stomach when the next words I read were and we are not coming back!!!!WHAT???!!!  So yes. My own mother decided to basically kidnap my baby girl for a “vacation” knowing she had no intentions of coming back and wouldn’t even let me see get that day or say goodbye or anything.  Please help me. I’m beyond desperate. I’m not perfect by any means. But this is preposterous and unethical and I don’t even have the words to explain how empty and hurt I feel. I’ve never felt pain like this before.  It’s like half of me is gone and I have no one that cares. When my baby girl finds out she’s not coming back to Texas, and that she won’t be able to see her mommy anymore, she is going to be beyond heartbroken.  That little girl thinks I’m superwoman with super powers. She loves me regardless of my past or my present situations. How dare my mother, my own mother take her away from her mommy. She’s mine. I know what she’s thinking, I know what she’s going to say before it’s said, I know her every move! I love her more than this world. I can’t take this. I’m begging at this point. Please someone. Help me.  Help my baby. Please we need each other. She’s my heart. 

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