A little help goes a Long way!

A little help goes a Long way!

From Corie Stamatelatos

Need light chemo drugs, and some infusions so my body stops attacking itself, making me a near immobile new mother. Have 16 teeth need extracted due to infections. Treatment for disease+ Teeth Infections = Not Living

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Where to begin?? Part of me feels like my life's story would definitely aid in the funding of my current predicament but the other part of me worries about the information overload that would cause. So I won't.

  I'll make my introduction brief, and then get to why I need financial aid from someone like you. Hi, my name is Corie, I am a new momma(My daughter will be 9 months old soon), I have only 1 eye, and have had 17 surgeries to date. Many to deal with my eye that ended up just being removed anyways. We didn't know then, but I had an auto immune disease that would not show in my blood work. It's been accelerating in it's attacking my body and I have been at times immobile, which isn't safe for me as a mother. Also, due to my near immobility and major pain I do not have the physical capacity to work for any amount of time currently.

There is treatment that will help Rapidly decrease the activity of my immune system, and decrease my pain levels, and make me mobile enough to adequately parent my daughter, even return to work again!! It's a mild chemo oral, and remicade infusion combo, and I'll lose some hair.The catch is I have some really bad mouth infections, and need 16 teeth extracted due to infection. Since the treatment will be aimed at weakening the immune system, ANY infections could be REALLY dangerous for me. I'm at immunocompromised once treatments start.

THIS is what I need financial help with. I need around $4000 to get my mouth done, including extractions of all 16 infected teeth, and eating/speaking utensils for later. :DPLEASE PLEASE consider any donation. I cannot start treatment until I have at least 3/4's of this for DENTAL procedures before I can even be in the clear to start the MEDICAL treatments.

And the Longer I go without treatment the more permanent damage my body sustains! (I become less mobile daily, and have been rendered completely immobile by my issue previously)Thanks so much for reading. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!! 

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