A Library for Young Minds

A Library for Young Minds

From Shelmoingam Khaling

I'd like to build a library in my village. Many youths here are living without ambition or purpose. I'd like to get them into reading so that we can all learn and know better about the possibilities and purposes of life.

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I am an aspiring writer from India, a college student. I'd love to establish a library in my village for my friends and my friends' friends, more of a book cafe where I could serve coffee too. The main reason why I am doing this is because I see youths in my village living very nonchalant lives as if they neither have an ambition, nor a purpose in their lives. I also see that this is mostly because they imagine very less, they do not fantasize nor dream about their future or the world. They do not even read at all.

My aim with this project is to give them a good place where they can spend time reading interesting stories with friends over a cup of coffee, share their ideas and opinions casually and freely, sort of like a book club too. I want to provide for them a leisure space where I could help them get into reading because I believe that reading helps us imagine, fantasize, and dream. And unless we dream, we can't have an ambition or a purpose.

I am afraid that many of the youths here are on the verge of spending their lives without meaning. I'm also afraid that this is pushing many of them into depression. I want to help them and what I have in mind is a library, an attractive, cozy one, by the way. Reading will educate them and education will open their minds to the thousand good possibilities and purposes of life. So, let's do this!

Please help me make this little dream a reality. I'm hopeful that this will help the youths here live a happier and more fulfilling life. ❤

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