A Legless Woman's Habitual Hand-Hiking Dream

A Legless Woman's Habitual Hand-Hiking Dream

From Mandy Horvath

I am Mandy Horvath, a bi-lateral above knee amputee that climbs mountains by hand. My next challenge is to climb- by hand, to higher elevation, requiring specialized equipment to be purchased, modified and fabricated.

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My name is Mandy Horvath, in 2014 I was struck by a locomotive, severing my limbs just above the knees (making me a bi-lateral above knee amputee). In 2016, I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to live at the base of America’s Mountain. 

April 23, 2018, I became this first female bi-lateral amputee to ascend one of Colorado’s toughest trails, the Manitou Incline, using only my hands. Weeks later I tackled Pikes Peak, becoming the first bi-lateral amputee to crawl Barr Trail’s 13 miles to summit bringing awareness and fundraising to Operation Ward 57 & The Battle Buddy Foundation. Amid these successes, I faced personal issues with alcoholism, legal issues and despair but managed to find sobriety and its blessings (I most recently celebrated 2 years & 7 months of sobriety!). 

August of 2019, I went back in the mountains and safely led an expedition from the base of the Manitou Incline to Pikes Peak, amongst my crew was another fellow bi-lateral amputee I also inspired to hand hike. This expedition was a successful fundraising launch for Cars4heroes Colorado; in the coming weeks we were privileged with aiding two local heroic families with reliable transportation. #TheLeglessLegends 

September of 2019, I was granted permissions to crawl up the stairwell of Lady Liberty on behalf of Cars4Heroes. 2020 was a year of prosthetic fittings so that I can walk ambulatory and give my hands a break. 

In the coming months I will be enduring training in the mountains of my backyard. My next challenge is to climb to higher elevation, that requires specialized equipment to be purchased, modified and/or fabricated. This hand hiking challenge has never been attempted and will bring awareness as well as fundraising to organizations in desperate need of assistance. MT. KILIMANJARO.  

Travel Expenses:(Flights, lodging, guided expedition, passport fees & park permit fees). $8,600.00

Equipment:(Modified gear, apparel & fabrication). $5,000.00

Communications:(Tech gear, satellite tracking and disaster mitigation/prevention). $3,500.00

This fundraiser will only be open until MAY. The fundraiser for during the climb will be launched, and charities of benefit will announced at the end of April.

Proceeds raised in excess of this amount (or in the unlikely instance the summit in consideration is not a possibility), will be directed towards the purchase of TWO, above knee running blade prosthesis. I have not run in 7 years, or since my amputations. Insurance does not cover the cost of running blades. As I am not a veteran nor a minor and I am a bi-lateral above knee amputee, I am at a significant disadvantage in acquisition for funding for these TWO prosthetic blades. I am highly active and motivated. Prosthetic running blades would allow me to live an even more active ambulatory lifestyle, and I would be able to participate in para sports as other amputees have. Costs PER blade, range anywhere from $8,000-$9,000 or much MORE because I require custom liners and specialized fitting sockets as an above knee amputee.

To learn more visit: www.mandyhorvath.com

Thank you for considering donating towards my cause!

Mandy Horvath

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