A journey to save two lives

A journey to save two lives

From Karina Jensen

PLEASE read our story and help save TWO LIVES: URGENT life-saving HEART surgery & emergency C-section at 30 weeks. Support our beautiful Mikaela, please help them LIVE.

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She thought it was strange that she’d gained weight and felt so ill. Plus, all the nose bleeds and extreme fatigue? Turned out, she was at least 5 months pregnant (!) 

Mikaela couldn’t believe it, as she’d been on birth control. 

A visit to the doctor revealed … there’s a HOLE IN HER HEART and it’s getting bigger as her pregnancy progresses. 

“She’s on borrowed time,” the medical team said. 

Who’s writing this — I’m Karina, we live here in Dominican Republic, and Mikaela has become a beloved part of our family since she’s been helping take care of our kids. 

We LOVE her, and you would too. 

She came here from Haiti, as a single mother of her 11-year old daughter Milagro (means ‘miracle’), searching for a better life. 

Insurance? They found loopholes to deny her (we are so heartbroken and furious!) 

We are in URGENT need for help, although our family & community are coming together to do whatever we can. 

Mikaela is almost the 30 weeks pregnant, and an emergency c-section must be performed to save her (and the baby’s) life. 

The risk of BOTH OF THEM DYING is going up with every day that she’s carrying this life and the hole in her heart is getting bigger. 

With the great support of a beautiful humanitarian doctor and amazing staff at a local hospital here in DR, we’re almost there, but we need funds for a portion of the cost for the c-section as well as the ICU for the baby. As well as Heart medication. before next surgery is even possible 

Please help, so she can live a long and beautiful life. Her time on this Earth is not done!

No one should be told at age 30, that they will die without an available, life-saving surgery … and leave a newborn in critical condition and a teen without a mother. 

Please, please help. 

P.S.  First surgery is scheduled for August 14th. Please send a healing prayer for them both (along with your $$ donation!) 

We’re still not sure if a donor heart is needed (time will tell after the postpartum period), or if a surgery can fix her heart. Please help us, LET THEM LIVE!!

Times are though for people during this pandemic,  IF you can donate and share, we appreciate it, if you can't, witch we completely understand.  We would be so happy and appreciate it so much! if you share this link <3


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